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Autor Thema: War of the Ring - More open Slots (Suggestion)  (Gelesen 692 mal)


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War of the Ring - More open Slots (Suggestion)
« am: 14. Mär 2013, 16:43 »
Hello Again Modders!

Now I am already aware that the edain mod is not primarily supporting the "war of the ring" mode however I would wonder if it would be possible to ask for one simple feature in it. If it is simply not possible or takes too much time coding I can understand its denial.

With 4.0 very close (I hope) to release the AI will be far easier to code for the modders due to the reverting to the BFME base system(at least I assume). Thus AI is expected to be much better in "war of the ring" mode (IE AI will build more siege weapons and wont surrender 10 minuted in)

Anyway here, finally, is my suggestion. Is it possible to make more open slots for factions in the set up of "war of the ring" mode. Thus people will not have to make choices between which good factions they want on the map.

So is it possible that for the full scale "war of the ring" maps you allow there to be 8 factions. Also on the "war in the south" and the "war in the north" maps could the total allowed factions for each be increased to 4 and 5 respectively. Thus in war in the north you can have Morder, goblins vs Dwarves, Rivendell, lorien and for the "War in the south" map you can have Gonder, Rohan vs Mordor, Isengard.

Thanks in advanced for any replies to this suggestion  ;)