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Autor Thema: Ask the Edain Team  (Gelesen 63805 mal)


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Ask the Edain Team
« Antwort #390 am: 18. Sep 2017, 06:25 »
Hi! I've been a great fan of your mod since many years ago, when it was only available in German. I have shared the mod with all of my friends wich wanted to play it. First I want to say THANK YOU for so much fun trought this time.  :P
Now I want to ask you:

Does the project still alive? My launcher don't show any news report since almost a year. There's not any update available since so much time.  :( I hope there's something coming so much big that requires that time.

If the project remains alive. Is there more factions coming in the future? I remember when Edain Mod has more factions available, like Eastmen or the Goblins.

Again, thank you for so much work just for our fun. I've read the entire J.R.R. Tolkien books and you have done the closest mod to their descriptions in comparison to other mods. 


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Re: Ask the Edain Team
« Antwort #391 am: 18. Sep 2017, 06:50 »
The mod is alive, look at the news section of this board, last news were three months ago but more are coming soon.


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Re: Ask the Edain Team
« Antwort #392 am: 18. Sep 2017, 10:01 »
Yes, we are still working on the mod and I would they that we are making signifcant progress.

The Misty Mountains (goblins) won't be added in 4.5 but in one of the following patches. You can see a small glimps of them in some older announcements, even if not everything might anymore the same as shown there.


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Re: Ask the Edain Team
« Antwort #393 am: 21. Jan 2018, 21:16 »
Hallo Edain team  :)
I come again to this thread 'cause I'm going to ask you another another thing about Durin.
Since in my project I bright to light the old abilities again, my question is: what is the precise lore behind "Word of Silcence" it is one of the most powerful and mysterious part of his concept and somehow even though I don't know precisely where it comes from it is incredible fitting with the character :)


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Re: Ask the Edain Team
« Antwort #394 am: 24. Apr 2018, 14:28 »
I have a faction specific question here it goes

playing as mordor is really fun I like it for the most part but one thing bugs me sort of

when you name a nagul as a ringseeker or whatever its called in game I see that it gets a name change and a fellbeast and it should get a stealth detection ring around it but without a particle effect or even a simple ring on the ground terrain I have no idea how big that stealth detection actually is.

is that stealth detection ring as big as the eye of sauron? bigger or smaller?