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Autor Thema: Stance system improvement  (Gelesen 305 mal)

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Stance system improvement
« am: 13. Apr 2023, 15:32 »
I think the stance system needs an improvement: normal stance should allows troops to engage enemies only in a certain “circle” range, and then always go back to the original position (just like the old good “guard” command from bfme1 which was the perfect tool either in defense and offence in my opinion), and the “circle” range for units should be standarized so that everyone should have around the same engagement distance and troops won’t disperse and die without you even realizing that. While the aggressive stance should let troops chase down enemies everywhere.


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Re: Stance system improvement
« Antwort #1 am: 14. Apr 2023, 09:23 »
The stance system should already work more or less like the first scenario you mentioned. There isn't really a way to change it from what I've seen, it's a behaviour that the engine handles.

Troops have different engagement ranges because they have different ranges. A melee unit has a small engagement distance because they need to get all the way to the enemy instead of a ranged unit that can start firing before the enemy gets close.
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