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Autor Thema: Some solutions : How to increase the usage of trolls in the game + New Trolls  (Gelesen 909 mal)


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As you know, in the game the mordor playing players are generally going to build x6 " slave settlements " to fight against other factions ( orcs are the main army of mordor ).
However, once we do it like that it limits us to produce trolls too. In addition, trolls of mordor, thy are very weak against heroes ;and spear / archery troops2 attacks which are very common to produce by players on the battlefield ( it doesn't matter if there a troll or not while playing ). Even the normal raw cost of trolls are expensive too ( when there is no x6 troll settlements ). These are the reasons that players don't go produce and use trolls on the battlefield ( they are dying so fast,expensive and thy don2t make difference ; already thy are the first targets of archers and spearmen troops instantly ). In addition, there are very less variety of trolls too ( it should be nice to see new type of trolls from hobbit movies too ). That's why, I want to make somesuggestions :

   As you know again, if sauron uses his infleunce on troll barracks then trolls can wear some heavy armors on them. As I mentioned above, trolls are expensive,weak against heroes,spearmen,archers. Thus, when trolls wear that heavy armor they should be more resistant to spear+archery+heroes attacks. Then you can give an option to players to use trolls more on the battlefield.
   As you know again, trolls are very expensive. Thus, their cost of needed raw production money should be lowered a little more. Because when you go for x6 slave camps to get maximum benefit, there are less settlements are leaving for getting benefit by lowering cost of TROLLs this time. With this way, you will courage players to use trolls more on the battlefield. It is like how ppl like to produce isengard berserkers to make difference, edain team should courage mordor players for using trolls too !!!
 As I was mention at first paragraph : " there are very less variety of trolls too ( it should be nice to see new type of trolls from hobbit movies too ). ". What I mean is that : " Edain Team , plz give more oppurtunity to players to use their different trolls to make a difference which these new type of trolls will be not upgradeable and thy will be stardart trolls ( Trolls of Dol Duldur, Trolls of Minas Morgul, Trolls of Mordor/BlackGate/Baraddur , that kind of trolls and ) and these specific trolls with specific features that are only can be accessable from mordor's fortresses too ".

*Trolls of Dol Duldur == poisonous attack + all kind of trolls that we have seen from hobbit movies ( like berserker troll with no hand or feet but only armed once ;and it can give damage to your own troops too while in berserker mod. Like the trolls at siege of erebor : warbeasts and the troll that was destroying the wall then it dies automatically if you give the extra command feature to give main damage to structures ).
*Trolls of Minas Morgul == very heavy armed resistant trolls
*Trolls of Mordor == These are can be getable from normal troll barracks
*Trolls of BlackGate/Baraddur == These are the elites of elite trolls that thy only defend the around of mordor's big camps when thy are produced ( players don2t have a direct control ) with this way to defend the camp against other factions will be much effective.

Let me know what do you think about my 3rd mordor suggesion. I look forward for your comments and feedbacks, ty.