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Autor Thema: Favourite strategy games  (Gelesen 12096 mal)

Gandalf The Gray

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Re: Favourite strategy games
« Antwort #15 am: 14. Aug 2015, 16:35 »

author=Gandalf The Gray link=topic=30871.msg405920#msg405920 date=1439561357]Armies of Exigo awesome game
Have you played it Gray? :)
never but my sister is a big fan of the game
well and i saw her play the game and i liked it but never played it yet


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Re: Favourite strategy games
« Antwort #16 am: 14. Aug 2015, 18:44 »
CragLord - Yes, HoM&M 3 is the best part in the series. But this newly released "HD edition" ain't worthy to purchase. It only has little, only little bit refreshed textures and it's expensive compared to older version. And, in "HD edition" ain't included two epic addons from HoM&M 3. ;)


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Re: Favourite strategy games
« Antwort #17 am: 6. Sep 2015, 10:34 »
First i tried Age of Empire, very simple but interesting game :)

After that, BFME1 and 2, then i discover other games as Dawn of War, a kind of Starcraft for the Warhammer 40k


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Re: Favourite strategy games
« Antwort #18 am: 8. Sep 2015, 15:48 »
Before Battle for Middle-earth, I loved playing Age of Empires 3; and I still play it at times. It was the first strategy game that i played, so it was really fun :)

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Re: Favourite strategy games
« Antwort #19 am: 9. Sep 2015, 07:40 »
Interesting... I've been noting that not many, in this community at least, play more modern rts games like the last few Total War games and the Men of War series :/


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Re: Favourite strategy games
« Antwort #20 am: 9. Sep 2015, 08:14 »
my machine cannot play anything newer than Crusader Kings 2 (and that just barely and very slowly)
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