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Autor Thema: Gandalf (Arnor)  (Gelesen 40816 mal)


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Re: Gandalf (Arnor)
« Antwort #136 am: 2. Mai 2020, 12:01 »
I did not know there was a suggestion for Arnor Gandalf. Your concept is awesome, therefore you have my support:)

Hi Dgs, I've seen that i totally forgot to answer you in the past. I'm sorry.

Thank you very much for your kind words and support. As soon as he can, Walküre will insert you into the In favour list  :)
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Re: Gandalf (Arnor)
« Antwort #137 am: 24. Dez 2020, 20:06 »
I really like the skillset. It is easy to implement and Arnor Gandalf will be finally different from Gondor Gandalf, who has skillset for War of the ring.
Arnor Gandalf should be more like Hobbit Gandalf, something like hidden emmisary who has skillset for discovering while travelling in the north.
So I support it.