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Autor Thema: Brief Map Ideas  (Gelesen 22132 mal)


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Re: Brief Map Ideas
« Antwort #30 am: 24. Aug 2019, 15:38 »

I have some fortress-map ideas:

Caras Galadhon, Thranduils Castle
Gundabad Stronghold, Goblin Town
Umbar City, Barad Dur

Hope you like the idea! Have a nice day!


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Re: Brief Map Ideas
« Antwort #31 am: 25. Aug 2019, 11:14 »
Welcome to the forum.

Your concept isn't much of a concept and rather throwing names into the room.
If you want to suggest something, please elaborate those ideas further.

Lord Mortis

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Re: Brief Map Ideas
« Antwort #32 am: 30. Nov 2019, 18:14 »
Hello, companions of Edain,

I was playing on the Cair Andros map recently, and recalled that there was actually a camp in the middle in BFME I. I was wonderig if people would appreciate maps with a camp or a castle to be fought for, or if there is a technical reason for their absence.

In particular, I am curious how would 1v1v1 camp map work if there would be a castle spot in the middle. Though the 5K castle price might be too much to be invested without some treasure to pay for it.  :P
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