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Autor Thema: Westfold Elite Units!  (Gelesen 1034 mal)


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Westfold Elite Units!
« am: 31. Mär 2015, 16:05 »
I want to say that I am in love with the new System and Skins for Rohan Infantry!They are lighlty said great,they are far above great XD The Skins for the Three Marshals of the Riddermark are very very good and HD,their Voices are aweseom too and very fiting!
Howhever I have a suggestion!In 3.8.1. the Westofld Elite Infatry Units were rectuitable but limited to 3 Battalions of each,while here we can get MAX 3 of 1 of them or 1 of each at the time!So basicly my idea is this!Erkebrand being able to Summon up to 3 Battalions of Elite Westfold Cavalry but for higher Price!!Elfhelm being able to summon up to 3 Battalions of Elite Westfold Swordsman!And finally Grimbold to summon up to 3 Battalions of Elite Westfold Spearman!I am making this suggestions because Westfold Units are one of my Favourite and in my opinion best looing Units in the Game and I really wish to see mroe of them in Battle and I think this offers a nice way for that! :)
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Re: Westfold Elite Units!
« Antwort #1 am: 31. Mär 2015, 17:11 »
The current system in 4.0 is about that you have to decide which of the three units are needed most.
But you basically want to get all three types just 3 times, so the system is gone and strategic perspective is gone.  ;)
It looks like unified Minas Morgul and Dol Guldur into the one building ... for instance.
There it is about tactic with Erkebrand.
 "Erkenbrand (the most expensive) can temporary summon two more battallions of the units you chose for him to lead."