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Autor Thema: Balin,Lord of Moria  (Gelesen 1612 mal)


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Balin,Lord of Moria
« am: 1. Mai 2015, 17:27 »
So I remeber in a older Version of Edain Mod that Balin had quite a nice design!Its not like I do not like the Movie ones actually I love it but what I mean is why not Balin as a Lord of Moria to get some kind of a more regal Armour not his one from the hobbit Adventure!!It may be something like this http://modding-union.com/updates/edain2/uload/balin_1270945478.jpg  but with his Movie look(I mean face) and weapon!!Or some other cool armour design just to be different from his ussual self before the Moria Expedition!?
"I will not stand down before any Elf,not least this Faithless Woodland Sprite,he wishesh nothing but ill upon my people...To Battle,to Battle Sons of Durin!!!..."

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