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Autor Thema: The mystery of the user name  (Gelesen 5842 mal)


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Re: The mystery of the user name
« Antwort #30 am: 17. Feb 2017, 22:13 »
My username history is from 2011 when i started playing Need For Speed World (online) the think was i wanted to be just Sławek but keyboard/game didn't supported this "Ł" leeter so Slawek was first choice but it was already reserved and i decided to add some numbers and i simply ended up with this 56703  8-| This nick don't make me super proud but i just need to live with it. Nonetheless  i'm not motivated to change him at all ...  so as u see this is not something special, historiacal etc. maybe even just a accident  ;)

Greetings Slawek56703