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Autor Thema: Rohan Balance Discussion  (Gelesen 16459 mal)

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Re: Rohan Balance Discussion
« Antwort #120 am: 2. Mai 2017, 12:16 »
What mid game units are you trying to trample anyway that don't die after running them over 3-4 times? xD
Especially with forged blades Rohirrim should be doing significant trample damage. Although not as high as Gondor Knights, they can trample much longer and won't get stuck as easily in big clumps of units.

As Django said, Rohirrim archers are superb units. Go get them.

Rohan doesn't really need mass slayers the way that other factions need them because their cavalry can trample so much. Get rohirrim archers or druedain to kill the pikes and your cavalry will melt stuff. Also, Eomers spear can actually do a surprising amount of aoe damage, it just takes a bit of practice. You have to hit a soldier at the other end of the enemy army for maximal effectiveness, so the spear will pierce as many enemies as possible.


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Re: Rohan Balance Discussion
« Antwort #121 am: 2. Mai 2017, 13:37 »
I must agree.
Rohan has in every phase of a game very useful types of cavalry, which serves as their mass slayer.
Dealing with very early armoured units might be tough, but if you specialize on archer rohirrim you won't be defenseless.


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Re: Rohan Balance Discussion
« Antwort #122 am: 2. Mai 2017, 14:01 »
Look this scenario, 5 battalions of Erebors pike and 3 of axethrowers(who have upgraded forged axes so early in game thanks to mines). U cant trample pikes with rohirrim (exiles) u dont have enaugh fight power to win them with Peasnts, because axe thorwers will one shot them and your archer are much weaker than axe throwers that they cant win that fight even if u have spearmen battalion(hardly to accsess it due to thier cost+archery+upgrade). Add Rohan bad eco, no chance to win that, they will outharras you if u ignore them. I dont have scenario to win that matchup, and 2 battalions of Eastfold Rohirrim in formation cant kill that phalanx. So you will say use capitains to kill phalanx, but way to capitains is already in MG, and this is early game from erebor. They will rush your outpost every time to prevent that, and you dont have elite units and i match is over. It is possible with otheres faction to get that scenario.
Bad economy for rohan is really big problem and you cant win with peasants spawn that is sure, every swordman unit will win that fight even orc spawn :/

Rohan Archers are low range but, they are carvalry and it is oke to have a bit lower range but they lose fights against lothlorien archers. For diffrence how hard You invest to get that archers, cost  (even if u go 6 stud farms) is high and upgrade for stable + if u want to win archery battle u most give them armor and u pay full price for it every time but that is hard to accsess. But they are not in Rohan to fight enemy archers, they should kill armored units.

So maybe this is could be good. Maybe make Rohan capitans in Exile camp or maybe in in upgraded Assebly point.  And let marshals stay in Royal camp. So what do you think. Btw i hope new spellbook for patch 4.5 will bring adjustments to it but this might help.
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