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Autor Thema: A note about polls  (Gelesen 2623 mal)

Lord of Mordor

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A note about polls
« am: 1. Nov 2015, 01:14 »
Greetings, community!

In recent times we have noticed a proliferation of polls in the Suggestions Forums, often asking nothing more than "Do you like this idea, yes or no?". An example would be this thread. These often seem to be intended as a replacement for actual discussion: Instead of talking about the suggestion, you're just supposed to click your vote and be done with it. Often, we also get the feeling that the idea is to somehow prove that the idea is popular and therefore should be implemented no matter what objections some people might have.

This, however, is not the point of these forums. The goal here is to a) convince people of your idea through well-reasoned arguments instead of strength of numbers and b) refine the idea through discussion with others. Both of these are way more effective at convincing the Edain team than just saying "Look, 50 people want it, DO IT NOW!"

We will therefore be keeping a closer eye on polls we consider meaningless in the future and close those threads when we feel they don't foster constructive discussion. We hope you'll understand that, and keep the ideas coming! :)
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Re: A note about polls
« Antwort #1 am: 7. Apr 2016, 20:19 »
Well, in a forum I visit, where they offer to do suggestions for a game, they post the suggestion, and the others can post voting if they're at favor, against or neutral, posting why they voted that, and also suggest something to the suggestion. Clear, sure, the one who suggested the suggestion can't reply ever again inside the topic, only edit the suggestion with a update if needed.


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Re: A note about polls
« Antwort #2 am: 7. Apr 2016, 21:09 »
But here we don't want it this way.
A poll leads mostly to less communication, because everyone just gives their vote about it. People tend to think less this way.
But we want to hear a bit more: Why exactly do people have this opinion? Why do they vote for one of the things, but not the other? That's what we want to hear and what is much more important for us than just a number of votes.
In addition to that, we already had people making multiple accounts and voting for something, if they didn't like the result. (at one people one single person made 20 accounts, just to vote for one poll.)