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Should the Battlewagons become War Chariots and recive a Re-Skin with Unique Active Abilities!? :)

Yes,they should!
No,the shouldn't!

Autor Thema: Battlewagons Improvements  (Gelesen 23068 mal)


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Re: Battlewagons Improvements
« Antwort #165 am: 5. Apr 2018, 13:45 »
Given the recent overhaul of battle wagons in the upcoming patch, I don't think that this thread needs to remain open any longer. I also seize the chance to congratulate the authors of the proposal and to recall them as it is due: two former great members of Modding Union who strived a lot to bring about significant changes for the Dwarves. Among their best concepts, Hobbit-fashioned models for each realm, the Grey Mountains and battle wagons are the ones which have certainly revolutionised much in the game. Two very fond friends of mine too. Thank you from the depth of my heart, Dáin and Crag ;)

Nevertheless, to all Dwarves-enthusiasts: even though the Dwarven Renaissance has already reached its apex, do not think that there won't possibly be other additional surprises in the future. The Edain Team has still other aces to play...

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