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Autor Thema: The Fall of Gondolin  (Gelesen 10411 mal)


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Re: The Fall of Gondolin
« Antwort #15 am: 27. Nov 2015, 16:14 »
That someone happened to have a giant spider pet? Or he was the pet, i cant remember.. XD The Two Trees.. imagine the possibilities...

I do love Valimar and all Aman lands, but theyre so glorious its hard to figure out how exactly they could look like. Taking Feanor and the Silmarils, the rest of Aman geography is a mistery.... That sounds like a glorious map to the future! :D Places like: Telperion and Laurelin, Taniquetil, Tol Eressea, Nargothrond,  Menegroth (wich the actual Hobbit movie Mirkwood's made me remember of).. think the first Age gives us a lot of room to glory! XD

Yes the most terrible pet one could ever have experience of.
Temporarily darkening Valinor and defeating Tulkas and the Valar's Guard of Maiar, being able not just to create Darkness as an absence of Light, but also the Nemesis of Light itself, a 'Dark Light' alive and deadly...
Yes, I wouldn't like a pet like this  [ugly]

It's true, the Immortal Lands are intentionally never described in details, in a desire of not 'ruining' their sacred and ethereal nature.
But, it's also true that some geographic representations might be done and have already been done, very accurate and precise, I believe  :)

You just have found a passionate lover of Aman  (**)
Anyway, if you want to discuss about it, we can do it freely in the LOTR section of the Prancing Pony, where there already is a specific place established exactly by me  :)

You are right, the First Age offers incredible material, and I'm sure you could great things about it  ;)
Keep up your great work/Art.


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Re: The Fall of Gondolin
« Antwort #16 am: 27. Nov 2015, 21:33 »
Some bugs from the latest version of map:

Balrog now goes through first gate, when we open it.
Also "old" bug is back, standard enemy AI units now walk through closed gate 1:
and through gate 2:
(I presume this is nothing new or able to fix, just to report anyway... xD )
Old problem with Balrog at gate 2 now, when we open it, he become confused, and behave like in front of gate 1 in previous version:
Also presence of Balrog near those buildings in passive way damage it and destroy one of them, after it, we got this graphic empty space:
I don't know is this bug, but I reported it anyway.

P.S. Waterfalls have been fixed. :)



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Re: The Fall of Gondolin
« Antwort #17 am: 27. Nov 2015, 22:00 »
Thanks so much for the feedback, guys ! :) Im looking into them now, ^^


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Re: The Fall of Gondolin
« Antwort #18 am: 27. Nov 2015, 22:45 »
You are welcome man. :)
Here are some more bugs I have found:
(For other members : There are some spoilers, so decide if you want to see this report!)

I can edit my last comment, but I think you needed those reports in some kind of order because of preview.
That's all for tonight. :)

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Re: The Fall of Gondolin
« Antwort #19 am: 28. Nov 2015, 16:31 »
Awesome map man


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Re: The Fall of Gondolin
« Antwort #20 am: 31. Jan 2017, 17:03 »
Is it possible to make this map work for normal rotwk?