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Autor Thema: Changes in the site structure  (Gelesen 3021 mal)


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Changes in the site structure
« am: 22. Feb 2016, 00:27 »
Dear Users,

the main page (modding-union.com) hasn't been up to date for some time and thus didn't get used much. For this reason it has been shut down. The domain modding-union.com now directly links to the forum. "forum.modding-union.com" remains active so that links using this subdomain don't become invalid.

Some downloads like the Edain Mod have been transferred to the new sections in the forum, the rest is to follow.

This change makes it simpler for us to keep stuff up to date and has the advantage that we only have to post content at one place. And as we profit from it, so do you of course.

Best regards

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