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Autor Thema: The Witch-King's mount  (Gelesen 312 mal)


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The Witch-King's mount
« am: 6. Jun 2018, 16:30 »

I want to discuss the Witch-King's mount system. Throughout the last days, I have discovered some bugs (which I have reported on Angmar Bugs) pertaining to the Angmar Witch-King's Death Blade power and the mount toggle. Here's my post from there:

If WK uses Death Blade while mounted, the attack animation will not play.

If WK changes between mounted and on foot, the Death Blade cooldown resets.

If you change WK between mounted and on foot, his stance resets to default.

None of the problems with Death Blade are shared with Life-Drinking Blade.

Also, a little text thing, maybe not a bug but a minor note: that shockwave that you can make with Life-Drinking Blade that draws all enemies toward WK is not named on Life-Drinking Blade's description.

Edit: Maybe not a bug, but Death Blade always starts on cooldown (that's how I noticed it resets between mounted and foot), again, not shared with Life-Drinking Blade.

These only seemed to show with Death Blade, but I believe they could be due to the WK's mount system being a little bit different than other heroes have.

Here's Glorfindel's mount system (as an example):

; Asfaloth

    Behavior = SpecialPowerModule ModuleTag_HorseToggleSta rter
         SpecialPowerTemplate        = SpecialAbilityToggleMoun ted
         UpdateModuleStartsAttack    = Yes
         StartsPaused                = No

    Behavior = ToggleMountedSpecialAbil ityUpdate ModuleTag_HorseToggle
         SpecialPowerTemplate    = SpecialAbilityToggleMoun ted
         UnpackTime              = 2000
         PreparationTime         = 1
         PersistentPrepTime      = 250
         PackTime                = 2000
         OpacityTarget           = .3        ; How see-thru to be at peak of change
         AwardXPForTriggering    = 0

    Behavior = MonitorConditionUpdate ModuleTag_CommandSetSwap per
        WeaponSetFlags                  = MOUNTED
        WeaponToggleCommandSet          = ImladrisGlorfindelComman dSet_Mounted

And, here is WK's

; Pferd

    Behavior = UnpauseSpecialPowerUpgra de ModuleTag_ToggleMountedW itchkingEnabler
        SpecialPowerTemplate         = SpecialAbilityToggleMoun tedWitchkingSauronsDiene r
        TriggeredBy                  = Upgrade_Level_1
        ObeyRechageOnTrigger         = Yes

    Behavior = SpecialPowerModule ModuleTag_ToggleMountedW itchkingStarter
         SpecialPowerTemplate        = SpecialAbilityToggleMoun tedWitchkingSauronsDiene r
         UpdateModuleStartsAttack    = Yes
         StartsPaused                = Yes
         AvailableAtStart            = No

    Behavior = ToggleMountedSpecialAbil ityUpdate ModuleTag_ToggleMountedW itchkingSauronsDiener
         SpecialPowerTemplate        = SpecialAbilityToggleMoun tedWitchkingSauronsDiene r
         MountedTemplate             = AngmarWitchking_Mounted
         SynchronizeTimerOnSpecia lPower = SpecialAbilityKnifeFight er SpecialAbilityCirdanRing Narya SpecialAbilityCurseEnemy Angmar SpecialAbilityGrausamWit chking SpecialAbilityBlitzendeK lingen SpecialAbilityFortressMa chtdesHK
         UnpackTime                  = 2000
         PreparationTime             = 0            ; none, cause we hop onto our mount in no time at all :)
         PackTime                    = 0         ; none, cause we hop onto our mount in no time at all :)
         OpacityTarget               = .0        ; How see-thru to be at peak of change
         AwardXPForTriggering        = 0
         IgnoreFacingCheck           = Yes

They seem to work in a different way. While Glorfindel seems to work not unlike a weapon toggle with a CommandSet change (and there's not a GlorfindelMounted unit), WK's system seems to work with a mounted template, that seems to link to a completely different unit.

I believe those bugs I posted (except the text bug, of course :P), are linked to this different system, which seems more buggy (and includes some bugs with the carryover system from the campaign, for example, if WK finishes a level mounted, the next time he appears, if he is on foot he will not carry the level over).

I am not an expert in code, but I believe that if the system of WK was changed to be more akin to what Glorfindel has (if it is a possibility, maybe the different system is necessary).

It's not exactly the biggest deal, but issues with abilities seem to be related to mounted WK being a different unit than WK on foot is.

I hope this makes sense (I'm not an expert on BFME modding by any means), maybe they are not related, but I think they could  :D