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Autor Thema: Angmar Balance Discussion  (Gelesen 13047 mal)

Elite KryPtik

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Re: Angmar Balance Discussion
« Antwort #90 am: 12. Jan 2017, 21:04 »
Agreed, Helegwen's Freezing Arrow and Haldir's Golden Arrow are a bit too strong, but I will just say wait until the next version ;)
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Discussing Mornamarth's Cruel Assault Ability
« Antwort #91 am: 17. Jan 2018, 13:27 »
What are everyone's thoughts on Mornamarth's Cruel Assault ability? I feel that death of all the targeted units is too much of a penalty even for such a boost. The only possible uses I could see of it is during team games when you are holding back two players alone.  This ability will only be used when death of all the troops is the only possible outcome since it can only serve as a way to prolong the battle. Perhaps during base rushing too but it's a risky move and base rushing is uncommong by the time you have a LV10 Mornamarth.

Possible changes would include, dealing a certain amount of damage to all units, such as half their health 2/3rds their health, ect... Or hindering them with a terrible permanent/temporary debuff. A temporary debuff would reduce all their stats by a huge number while a permanent buff would target more the ability of the unit to be effective, perhaps reducing their attack, attack speed and movement speed.
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Re: Angmar Balance Discussion
« Antwort #92 am: 17. Jan 2018, 13:34 »
I think something like that temporary debuff could work: having triple strength for thirty seconds but having really hampered stats for the next minute, maybe? (don't know exactly what I would debuff)

Edit: Maybe the exact same things that are buffed could be the debuff for the next minute, apart from a loss in health, to reflect their exhaustion after putting such strength in the attack?
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