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Autor Thema: Lothlorien Bugs  (Gelesen 8328 mal)

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Lothlorien Bugs
« am: 8. Nov 2015, 18:34 »
Post bugs with the faction Lothlorien here!


Text Bugs
« Letzte Änderung: 25. Jan 2020, 16:20 von FG15 »


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Re: Lothlorien Bugs
« Antwort #1 am: 28. Jun 2020, 17:54 »
 - Tauriel's Mirkwood Ambush power says "auriel" at the start instead of "Tauriel".
 - Legolas's knife toggle needs some adjustment. I think something's wrong with the radius with it as he can start attacking from the very edge of the radius but he isn't damaging enemy units with it because he's too far away from the target and so is just swinging at mid-air (meanwhile he's taking damage from enemy units in this time). It's the same issue with the Mordor trolls when they have their weapons.


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Re: Lothlorien Bugs
« Antwort #2 am: 30. Jun 2020, 14:49 »
 - Troopchamber description says "Elkriders from Mirkwod"
 - Sanctuary discount on the build plot tooltip says that it reduces the cost of heroes
 - Galadriel recruitment tooltip says that she is Queen of Lothlorien which is incorrect
 - Description for Grimbeorn's bear/human toggle says the Beorning will change instead of Grimbeorn
 -  Beorning Homestead is called a Beorninger Homestead when it should be a Beorning Homestead. This also applies to their summon in the Dwarf faction where they are called Beorningers in the description instead of Beornings.
 -  Galadriel sometimes gets stuck in a weird animation with her legs apart and arms up. While in this state, she slides across the ground when moving and doesn't not move in any other way when attacking. This is fixed when she gets the Blessed form from the spellbook but otherwise, I've got no clue what causes this. Image link for the animation which was also posted on the discord server: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/327177778497847296/727501734506922024/unknown.png

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Re: Lothlorien Bugs
« Antwort #3 am: 24. Jul 2020, 17:49 »
When playing with allies as Lothlorien, if the other player leaves the game (giving control of all their structures etc to you), Frodo and Sam can be recruited from their hero recruitment structures.

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Re: Lothlorien Bugs
« Antwort #4 am: Gestern um 14:39 »
I experienced issues with the ends, where they don't propper attack from distance and sometiems walk into the enemy lines instead of throwing rocks even though they're clearly equipped with rocks. Seems to appear especially when Baumbart is in the game and near the ends, so maybe it has sth. to do with his attack buff.
I experienced the bug vs AI and in pvp games.