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Autor Thema: How to do a 'sleep' spell?  (Gelesen 521 mal)


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How to do a 'sleep' spell?
« am: 16. Apr 2016, 10:39 »
I would like to create a spell that puts units to 'sleep' for a few seconds.

My idea is that the targeted enemy unit would collapse to the floor and would remain motionless lying on the ground for the duration of the sleep period, after which they would be get up, and be able to move as normal.

Are there any ideas as to how I could go about doing this?

While a spell that would get the target enemy to do their death collapse animation to signify that they are collapsing into a deep sleep is ideal, I am also thinking that it would be easier to have the initial spell knock the target\s down on the spot. Then the issue would be keeping them motionless on the ground for a period of time.

Thanks for any help or ideas.