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Autor Thema: Rohan peasants  (Gelesen 810 mal)


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Rohan peasants
« am: 29. Jun 2016, 11:02 »
I have an idea for rohan how to boost their economy in late game, couse I think that their unbalanced weakness is resources income. Of course it can't be as powerfull as gondor or isengard but it would be more "riskly".

So idea is following:
-mill and farm get new uprage - harvest time (I know that skill in gondor is that same named but its just suggestion ) with cost around 1500.
-this uprage allow peasants (or spearmen) to buy uprage (similar to banner carrier) which :

a) change them to civils which don't fight any more  but they can collect resources by special formation - they can use it when they are in close proximity to farm and after that they can't move ( I don't know which animation would be the best for harvesting ) they will generate small income . I is some kind of risk couse you waste command points on nonfighting units but you get better economy. Draft skill wouldn't work on civils.

b) give nonarmored peasants ability to collect resources near to farm ( they can't move and fight ) for 30 seconds. if they get banner carrier or draft skill they loose harvest skill.

I don't know that is possible, but I have to share this idea with you couse I play rohan very often and their economy in late game is very annoying.

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Re: Rohan peasants
« Antwort #1 am: 1. Jul 2016, 12:21 »
This wouldn't work, having peasants take up 60 cp and do nothing would just kill you in army to army battles. Rohans economy is weak, but they also are pretty much the most deadly faction right now, they can gain complete map control against any other faction very easily, so I have no problems with it.
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