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Autor Thema: About Lore-masters  (Gelesen 220 mal)

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About Lore-masters
« am: 19. Aug 2016, 01:49 »
Hi guys. I am (again) sorry I've been such a bother in the past. I'll try to stick to a (logical) point: Lore-masters. Heroes are easily managed in this game; each is unique and their icons in the bottom help a lot. Even Lothlorien healers, with their "builder" assignment work almost flawlesly. But Loremasters are kind of lacking in this respect if you notice: they are quite hard to manage! So I have not thought of many suggestions, only a change to the way they work. Maybe they can be assigned to their specialties BEFORE they come out of the Rivendell Archive/Library, I mean, maybe they can be set up before coming out and that way, there can be multiple configurations per battalion of Lore-masters! How about that, a battalion of 4 Lore-masters?