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Autor Thema: Angmar Faction Bug List  (Gelesen 747 mal)


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Angmar Faction Bug List
« am: 3. Sep 2016, 01:42 »
Just downloaded this wonderful mod a couple of days ago and I am enjoying it so far. But I figure I'd do my part and help report bugs I have found based on the factions I'm trying out. Here goes...

1. It seems that laying siege against am Angmarim camp is unbelievably difficult (Against the AI at least). The AI could still build Wall Towers even when the wall itself has been destroyed. Not only that, it seems the wall can get rebuilt near instantly as well.

I was playing Lothlorien at the time and since they really only have Ents as siege units, Siege an Angmarim Castle was rather frustrating.

2. After I finally took the keep, I built it into a Lothlorien Castle, but the perimeter of bridges was missing after completion. Just in case it's a map issue, it was on the bottom left corner of the map.

That's all for now. I'll post more as I come across them.
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Re: Angmar Faction Bug List
« Antwort #1 am: 3. Sep 2016, 03:10 »
Hi. First of all, welcome to Modding Union  :)

There already is a specific thread meant to gather bugs that involve Angmar. It belongs to the proper Bug Reports board. There, you can freely report the bugs you encounter during your games. If yours are balance-related considerations, then you have to post them in this very board's Angmar Balance Discussion thread (the same board where you opened this topic).

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