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Autor Thema: Sauron's three stances and Snake Form  (Gelesen 1457 mal)


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Sauron's three stances and Snake Form
« am: 18. Dez 2016, 01:32 »
I feel Sauron's necromancer form is lacking a third stance. I am hoping that the Annatar form could be a defensive stance added to the aggressive fire and standard shadow stances of Sauron in his necromancer form, given that Annatar is merely an illusion (since he can't appear beautiful anymore) and this form rests on top of his shadowy form anyways--I feel that Annatar should be apart of his Necromancer persona.

With that said, I will now state what should replace his Annatar form in "The Power of Ages past." His snake form should take the place of the Annatar form with the following powers:

1. Revert back to Gorthaur.
2. The Serpents will stop you: Basically an evil version of Radagast's weed/tangle roots power.
3. Mass Hypnotize: Converts units or immobilizes them.
4. Shed Skin: Basically like the Shadow power where Sauron escapes but instead leaves an illusion of his snake form.
5. Poison: A passive ability, but when clicked on, Sauron releases a giant cone (or ring) of poison/plague infecting and killing all surrounding troops.

What you guys think? Annatar is more spiritual while power of ages past represent more of a physical persona. I think the giant snake works great. ET, could use the ballisk from harry potter as the image for the palantir, and use the wyrm or something for the actual movement of Sauron's snake form.
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Outside of Lord of the Rings, I am pretty sure Vengeance of Valdorian & Leoj's Wrath are the best novels I have read.


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Re: Sauron's three stances and Snake Form
« Antwort #1 am: 18. Dez 2016, 14:45 »
I moved the topic to the right board. I might express myself later about the subject involved.


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Re: Sauron's three stances and Snake Form
« Antwort #2 am: 2. Apr 2020, 21:38 »
Okay so I thought about Sauron's role in his snake form and I figure we use the Were-Wyrm model from BFME2 for Sauron's snake form--but we mold it to look like the Basilisk off of Harry Potter:


Gorthaur shows on his Palantir to have four forms, but the fourth form is an empty slot stating what we already know as gamers. This is a wasted slot:

"Once the One Ring has been recovered, Gorthaur takes the shape of a dreadful dark lord and increases his power. He becomes the Sauron that has made Mordor known and begins rampaging through the map."

Therefore I suggest Gorthaur to take his canonical form of a serpent like he did in the First Age and become a mass slayer. He would move like the Were-Wyrm and attack like a Were-Wyrm in BFME2, instead of fire though, he attacks with a plague, corrosive, or venomous breath attack--maybe his breath does 260-300 damage.

I have reworked his abilities and are as follows:

1. Revert back to Gorthaur.
2. The Serpents will stop you: Basically an evil version of Radagast's weed/tangle roots power. Except these are deadly spiny roots.
3. Shed Skin: Sauron sheds his old serpent form and now has better armor. +50% armor boost.
4. Poisonous Plague: This acts and functions exactly like the plague spell on Angmar's spell list.
5. Venomous Will: Converts enemy units permanently to Mordor, but on Heroes it does the same affect as hour of the witch king.

These powers are canoical and I could have seen Sauron trying to use these on Huan in an attempt to get away. The Venomous Will represents Sauron's powerful dominating will and how he broke Saruman and Denethor through the Palantir.

I disregard placing Annatar as a Defensive stance for the Necromancer--I feel something else should be thought of--but I am open to new ideas.

I hope you all liked this and read this. I think this would be canonical and funtion correctly. Let me know what you all think.