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Autor Thema: Spellbook Power Pages  (Gelesen 3697 mal)


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Spellbook Power Pages
« am: 5. Feb 2017, 01:41 »
A lot of spellbook overhaul recently, it was bound to happen we practically hadn't touched them since the creation of the wiki. But let's talk about the spellbook pages.

Spellbook pages, or actually spellbook subpages (they are all attached to the faction they come from or will be) are an unfortunate by-product of the new spellbook template. The Javascript included requires an page per spellbook in order to be able to display the tooltips. So we need them for the basic function, but that doesn't mean they'll just become dead weight to the wiki, we can put them to further use. So there is my proposal:

Using the new Javascript, we link every mention of each spellbook power so that hovering on the link will allow the users to see the same tooltip as the one they see when hovering on the spellbook. This will greatly increase the use of the pages and at the same time allow the wiki pages to display greater amount of information per page.  I see it as a simple change that would bring a lot to the wiki but however it is a lot of work since ever mention of every spell needs to be tracked down. Thoughts?
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Re: Spellbook Power Pages
« Antwort #1 am: 5. Feb 2017, 11:56 »
It sounds like a good idea and would be a lot easier than having to go to the faction page to see what that spell is. We'd just have to do it methodically to make sure we don't miss any pages out.


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Re: Spellbook Power Pages
« Antwort #2 am: 5. Feb 2017, 13:52 »
I agree!