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Autor Thema: Gandalf from Hero Submod 3.3  (Gelesen 425 mal)

Offline elf-king

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Gandalf from Hero Submod 3.3
« am: 5. Feb 2017, 08:32 »
Hi guys!

Help me please. I made abilities (sevant secret fire and you shall not pass) from hero submod 3.3 in edain 4 for Gandalf Grey and they doesn't works. Do not tell me why? (weapons, abilities I to copy all)

Thanks in advance!

Offline DrHouse93

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Re: Gandalf from Hero Submod 3.3
« Antwort #1 am: 25. Feb 2017, 12:52 »
You should also insert the proper skill codes inside the .ini file of Gandalf. Some abilities require more than a module, so check them all