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Autor Thema: Spanish submod  (Gelesen 799 mal)


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Spanish submod
« am: 28. Apr 2017, 01:12 »
Hi guys!

I am kind of new here, so first of all pardon me if I am doing something wrong such a creating a thread where I shouldnt or when I shouldnt or any other possible mistakesI will probably make.

So getting to the point, I was translating the Edain mod into Spanish. I do not know how many spanish players are around here but still,  think this was something to be done and smtg I could help with:)

So I have been already talking with FG15 and he's been helping me a lot (thanks!!) but I always have questions so it is better if I give him a break ;P

Well, so far I got the voices of heroes and some faction texts already translated but regarding the big changes with future updates I decided to stop with it and trying to improve some things, like the fact that some heroes lack of some entries on the inc file. I would like to learn how to create new entries so that the chosen hero has a Spawn and respawn soundset, a help soundset, a soundset for when he uses a certain spell...

So far I've working with english.ini. and voice.english but I am a total noob in this thing of modding so if you are to help me... thanks!! but I need you to explain me like if I were idiot haha I mean telling me where exactly to locate whichever files etc

I hope this can keep us busy while we wait the updates ;P