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Autor Thema: Warg-riders and Warg-archers role  (Gelesen 1683 mal)


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Re: Warg-riders and Warg-archers role
« Antwort #15 am: 5. Mai 2017, 12:39 »
Yes this comparison is just present because warg-riders are the counter part of Rohirrim. However i suppose DieWalkure meant the specific comparison between only Archers: on one hand we have the well-trained Rohirrim archers, on the other the warg-archers which are more a "wild version" so the opposite.

Right. They are the exact nemesis (evil counterpart, to be more precise) of Rohan's horse-archers, as Orcs are the violent and marred version of the Elves. This is exactly what I wanted to point out  :)