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Autor Thema: Possible Troll Fix and Strategy Question  (Gelesen 2371 mal)


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Possible Troll Fix and Strategy Question
« am: 11. Mai 2017, 20:20 »
I have been a long time reader but not a frequent poster. I haven't seen this idea yet so if it has been suggested and I missed it feel free to link to it and remove this DieWalker :). Now for the proposal.

Troll Fix
I have seen lots of suggestions regarding how to make the trolls of Mordor great again and many of them have been shot down because of balance or bad ways to implement it. The big issue is they die very quickly do to being easy to spot and having weaknesses to both pikeman and archers because of their monster unit typing. My proposal is what if we change them from being monsters and instead make them cavalry typing. This would change their weaknesses to just pikeman and give them stronger against archers, the thing that most frequently kills them. The next part of the fix that is optional since I'm positive someone will bring it up. "What about them being building killers and a early siege?" My fix for this is to give them a passive ability to address that. Something like "Trolls deal an extra 10% damage versus structures." We could leave their existing upgrade system of armor and then a weapon since we already see other elite and heroic units with similar upgrades. Their price and slaughterhouse discount could stay since they start at 600 just like other elites. Please let me know what you guys think and if you see any problems that need addressed.

Strategy Question
This is just a question for the pros that I know are on this site. What strategies do you use as Mordor when you can't get an outpost in multiplayer matches against more then one opponent, like 1v1v1 or 2v2 etc. My problem has been trolls are weak and the orcs from the Mordor barracks are very weak (I know this is for balance and am not proposing any fixes for it). So usually what I'm doing that is still failing against factions with good archers is to use catapults to napalm the troops and a human shield of free orc warriors  to protect them. This only works about 25-50% of the matches I play and am wondering what the pros use.

Elendils Cousin 3. Grades

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Re: Possible Troll Fix and Strategy Question
« Antwort #1 am: 11. Mai 2017, 20:53 »
Hey there :)

I'll just try and answer this in a short paragraph. The thing is, trolls don't really need fixing - they perform very well in the context of Mordor's gameplay. So you're kind of presenting a solution for a problem that doesn't really exist. Trolls are already awesome; they do massive damage against buildings and are faster than infantry, which makes them great at harassing. Combine this with free orcs who swarm the map and protect them from danger and you've got a really nice one-two-punch. When they get their armour, they start to destroy everything and can only really be stopped by a fully upgraded army.

Addressing some of your points: Making them resistant against archers is a huge problem, since they are already decent against pikes - with good micro, you can fight pikes in melee and even win in a 1v1 scenario (don't trample!). Removing their weakness to ranged would mean that they could beat any other type of unit, which would cause huge problems as you might imagine^^

When you don't have an outpost, you can do a few things:
  • Level your heroes (you don't need to fight to do that)
  • Build six barracks and drown the enemy in orcs
  • Get a few armoured trolls with hammers (siege) and rush your opponent's base
Especially the last thing is difficult to defend against, because trolls are quicker than rams and do amazeballs damage against structures. If you catch your enemy off guard, you can even destroy his entire base!

If you have other questions, ask! I hope I didn't discourage you or something, because that certainly isn't my intention. It's great to see you put so much thought into this instead of just complaining and whining, keep it up :)


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Re: Possible Troll Fix and Strategy Question
« Antwort #2 am: 12. Mai 2017, 03:34 »
Thanks for the response Elendil. It was well thought out and constructive feedback rather then just this is unbalanced or I don't support this. I was proposing the fix because I've seen a lot of threads on here about fixing trolls and Mollok.