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Autor Thema: Heal for Evil factions  (Gelesen 1296 mal)


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Heal for Evil factions
« am: 6. Jun 2017, 20:15 »
Hello everybody,

First of, I'm kinda new to MU so please bear with me if I make mistakes :).

Alright on to the topic:

I've been working on a map with evil things.
Now I'd like to add the heal spell book power(Rohan's heal in this case) to Angmar's  spellbook.

Now i added the Rohanheal command and the RohanhealPurchase command to the angmar SpellBook Commandset. I also changed the Commandset for Angmar in the Angmar player template. I also changed the science to be used by both Angmar and Evil. What i have can be seen in the attachments.

The problem is that I can buy and use the heal, but whenever i hover over my units the icon will stay red so I cant use it.

If the problem is unclear let me try to give you an example:
If you want to use a summon power for instance on water. The icon(i think its called icon) will remain red, indicating you cant use the power there. You can only use it when the icon turns white.

So to summon it up: I can see the Rohan heal on the left side of the screen and can click on it, but cant use it because the Icon stays red.

If anyone can help me with this or alteast try that would be very much appreciated :)
You can always send me a private message if you need more details

with kind regards,



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Re: Heal for Evil factions
« Antwort #1 am: 6. Jun 2017, 20:30 »
Have you tried giving it to the Angmarspellbook instead of the evilspellbook? Sometimes those childobjects act weirdly (doesn't notice the changes), if you change only the parents in a map.ini.


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Re: Heal for Evil factions
« Antwort #2 am: 7. Jun 2017, 18:12 »
Thanks for the quick reply  :)

Unless I misunderstood your answer, i think i already gave it to the Angmar spellbook. I also changed the science_HealRohan to be used by both science_Evil and science_Angmar. So I dont understand what I'm supposed to do.


First i didnt understand what you meant but then i got it
So I did what you said and added the stuff underneath the Object Evilspellbook to the AngmarSpellBook and it works now

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