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Autor Thema: The Treacherous Mastermind's departure  (Gelesen 1287 mal)


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The Treacherous Mastermind's departure
« am: 26. Mai 2017, 17:44 »
A wise, gentle and well-intentioned person he seemed. One who could much help with his great skills and knowledge; and he did so. Alas, his real design was unveiled only at a later time, when damage and harm had already been done. Albeit stories of him being still a potential menace, he's forever gone from the common spaces, consumed by his grudge and lingering in the shadow as a powerless spirit.

As a kind helper himself he had presented,
Aimed at thriving and things better at making,
Yet uncanny shades he would boast and an enigmatic soul,
Who could have divined that the fair angel in a demon would then turn?

His true colours were at the late hour shown indeed,
And gentle souls his vicious snares underwent,
But he's gone and hopefully forever shall, banned from our hallowed ground,
Wandering in the void as a harmless ghost, by his endless grudge devoured.

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