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Autor Thema: The fashion of True Love  (Gelesen 1383 mal)


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The fashion of True Love
« am: 7. Jul 2017, 00:06 »
Of True Love thou shalt take the fashion

Daughter, thou who in my womb now restest and strong growest,
The nature of my holy kind alloweth me to gaze at the far future awaiting us,
And I may see thee, fairest and mightiest of the Immortals, gentlest than the most pious soul and holy as the spirits who beside Ilúvatar at the Beginning were,
Perhaps, it might be that the hardest task is to be appointed to thee, life and sun of my being,

For many things often hinder the just one's path,
Losing hope, enduring grief and terrible losses undergoing,
Yet thou art to defy the common design destined, and in glory thou wilt defeat what is fell and even the Evil itself to thee shall bow,
My child, in fortune and ill fate, wonders thou shalt do and of True Love the fashion thou shalt take.

This is an invocation/composition of Melian, dedicated to her soon-to-be-born daughter. The Maia had glimpses of the future ahead of her child and divines the grandiose path which Lúthien is to tread, albeit referring to the sorrows that that very path will entail. In the words of the Queen of Doriath, her daughter will ultimate take the fashion of True Love: the fairest and mightiest Elf ever existed in Arda's long and grievous history.