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Autor Thema: CaH ability: Prolific Champion  (Gelesen 717 mal)


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CaH ability: Prolific Champion
« am: 8. Jul 2017, 00:04 »
Hello!  :) After a lot of years of playing with CaH, I've noticed that in general they have good hero-killer moves, great support abilities, some good structure-damage abilities but besides the Troll, Dwarf and Elven Archer, they dont have many massive slayer abilities, nor many passives in general; and even these moves tend to be weak given the area they apply to and specially amount of damage (except for Archer, or Sapper which is not even supposed to be applied to armies).

Note that some of the decisions exposed above regarding massive slayer abilities are understandable for balance reasons, however, there is much room for improvement in this area, which is why today I want to propose creating a new ability that includes both the balance and massive slayer aspect, named ''Prolific Champion''

Prolific Champion: The hero has fought countless battles and is now an expert on fighting multiple opponents. The hero permanently inflicts area of effect damage. (Passive ability)

This is equivalent to the AOE damage that Elrond gains or Thranduil with his stance.
Im not sure yet for which CaH to implement it but the Servant of darkness, Men of Harad and Hero of the West are some ideas for now, the rest is on the team to decide.

Some ideas for the icon



Let me know your ideas and opinions!  ;)

Ps: I am fully aware aware that the team is busy with other stuff right now but please dont dismiss the idea based just on that, also, it took me a lot of time...


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Re: CaH ability: Prolific Champion
« Antwort #1 am: 8. Jul 2017, 15:04 »
I'd like to remark, that for huge AoE, there are already the trolls.
Nonetheless, there is nothing against an AoE passiv for another class, as long as it fits the thematic of that class.


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Re: CaH ability: Prolific Champion
« Antwort #2 am: 8. Jul 2017, 23:02 »
That is true, I'm glad to hear that you are open to this different kind of AoE (Elrond, Dwalin like) on different classes nonetheless  :)

Taking into account your feedback, I came down to the following reflection. This ability fits the best for Warriors of the east and south and also Dwarven class.

The 'factions' that the  Warriors of the east and south represent are based on asian culture, so much to the point that the Easterling warriors can be easily noted to be a version of the samurai and the Hasharii can be identified as a version of a ninja. In such regard, asian cultures have/had highly skilled martial arts warriors, which notably includes fighting several attackers at once. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Aal7cB5ssQ , note the first full minute as Eg). Doing the adaptation to the game, this can be translated to an AoE attack. Last but not least, this class ONLY has "Plague of Locusts" as an AoE, and it frankly doesn't do much; they could use a new AoE ability.
Maybe this could be a fitting icon for them: https://www.google.cl/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fvignette1.wikia.nocookie.net%2Fdynastywarriors%2Fimages%2Fa%2Fae%2FTwin_Swords_Weapon_Skin_(DW7E_DLC).jpg%2Frevision%2Flatest%3Fcb%5Cx3d20130110202615&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fkeywordsuggest.org%2Fgallery%2F848118.html&docid=EoTsxN37NCQWnM&tbnid=Y4DdM_AwEt5dXM%3A&vet=1&w=1280&h=832&bih=530&biw=1093&ved=0ahUKEwiM6u6pk_jUAhUFi5AKHaZgAP4QxiAIGigC&iact=c&ictx=1

Now for the dwarves it goes different. Historically, dwarves have notably fought throughout the third age battles in which they are greatly outnumbered; take The Battle of Azanulbizar as an example, 6-10 thousand dwarves against 25-30 thousand orcs, or the siege of Erebor where 30,000 Longbeards and 20,000 Men of Dale held the Lonely Mountain against 200,000 Men of Rhun. Now call me crazy but being so greatly outnumbered implies the skill to fight more than 1 opponent at once, (excluding the strategic position of the Lonely Mountain on case 2, but either way the dwarves are best known for melee combat, not ranged). Take Dwalin or Gloin as an example in this scene, both Azanulbizar veterans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IccbfvmsgTI .
Last but not least, the dwarven Wanderer is notably the only CaH capable of carrying 2 weapons at once, it is only natural to put them into use via the purchase of this ability. (the second axe item is actually bugged right now btw but you get the point).
Possible icon: https://dhs1n389ze6jv.cloudfront.net/img/product-main/87-39-00987_Hobbit_Dwalins_Axes_002.jpg

Sorry if this extended too much but you guys deserve a well grounded argumentation, hope you like the idea :)