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Autor Thema: Statistics and Information  (Gelesen 582 mal)


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Statistics and Information
« am: 21. Sep 2017, 18:20 »
As an avid Real-Time Strategy fan who grew up with great classics like Age of Empires, I have always loved the little details present in the gameplay. Something that I'd love to see in upcoming editions is an increase in information that is available during the Edain Mod gameplay.

Something that I always like to study for fun when I'm playing is checking on the health of units to see how strong they're getting as they level up. I've always been set back by the information that isn't available to me though, which sometimes leaves me scratching my head. While hero units have health and damage values to see, normal soldiers only have health to see. It would be a bit helpful to learn more about a unit when I hold my cursor over it, such as armor value, speed, damage, range, and damage bonuses. The more I know about a soldier, the more I can be made aware of how to utilize them in a situation.

Another thing that would be helpful is for there being a better after-game statistics page. Measuring the unit number, building number, resources number, and score number is fine and good, but I've always found the charts to be a bit vague. For instance, the "Fortress" thumbnail that sometimes appears there isn't too helpful. Is it that I built a new camp/castle, or is it that I built an outpost? Better yet, I'd like to know how the score table works, like what actions increase your score and what things decrease it. Computer players always seem to have the higher scores all of the time, and it gives me a warped impression that they're always better than me for whatever reason.


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Re: Statistics and Information
« Antwort #1 am: 21. Sep 2017, 18:33 »
There aren't any of these information, because it isn't possible to add them.
Health is displayed automatically, while the damage has to be added by a specific entry in the codes of an object.
The problem is, that it isn't the real damage, but just a static value, which is also affected by buffs and debuffs, but by nothing else. So, if you research the Forged Blades Upgrade, the damage would change, but the displayed damage would stay the same. Therefore only heroes have it, because they rarely get weapon upgrades.

Theoretically, it would be possible to give every unit a button, where all it's stats are written, but either it wouldn't be detailed enough and give players the wrong impression, or it would be too detailed and completly confusing for everyone, who isn't a modder himself, or just far too large to be helpfull.

But I can recommend you the Edain Searcher, which is a program, doing exactly what you requested. It displays all the stats of every single object in Edain:


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Re: Statistics and Information
« Antwort #2 am: 26. Sep 2017, 23:36 »
Is there a way to get the Edain searcher in English?



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Re: Statistics and Information
« Antwort #3 am: 27. Sep 2017, 21:20 »
As far as I know, you can switch the language in the program itself. But i'm not sure if it is translated completely.

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