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Autor Thema: Trouble in Goblin Town  (Gelesen 1014 mal)


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Trouble in Goblin Town
« am: 30. Sep 2017, 16:49 »
This underground map has enough room for five players, and is full of wooden bridges, stone platforms, and a plethora of goblin lairs. There is a large platform in the middle of the map, and some large “main bridges” leading to each of the four player camps.

However, the players must be wary, as there is a hidden timer that automatically counts downward. Whenever the timer reaches zero, a swarm of hostile goblins will appear in the middle platform, armed with poisoned weapons, to make a raid on the players and their units and buildings. Once they appear, they immediately fight everything in sight, and also perform attack-movements towards the four player camps on the edges of the map, seeking to damage their buildings.

The time limit of these raids decreases gradually over time, meaning that the goblin raiders start out as a nuisance, but gradually become more threatening. The time limit before the first raid of the game is ten minutes, which should usually catch unwary players by surprise, since they don't expect to be facing a new enemy besides their opponents. After that first timer reaches zero, it resets to one minute less, meaning the second swarm of raiders will arrive in nine minutes, and the third one in eight minutes, and so on. The timer summons goblins at a minimum of five minutes, but continuously resets and loops to continue harassing the players with additional raiding parties.

Particularly crafty players can utilize these goblin raiders to their advantage. After a posse of hostile goblin warriors draws enemy forces away or hits the player's citadel, another player can rush their citadel as well, since the poisoned blades of the goblins will likely have thinned the number of defenders at the camp. Likewise, it's imperative that any player be keen on bolstering their defenses as the goblin hordes head for their camps from the middle of the map.