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Autor Thema: A new child is born  (Gelesen 897 mal)


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A new child is born
« am: 25. Dez 2017, 22:24 »
A new child is born

I wish to all my readers, silent or not, a very great Christmas and much merry time to spend with your beloved ones.

As you may grasp yourselves, this composition mirrors this day's theme: the birth of salvation. A new hope for the world. The vivid sign that all are waiting for with much apprehension: salvation has come again, at the grimmest hour. Light shall win and all that is stained is to be turned into a pure gem once again.

Aye, we must rejoice and sing merry tunes of joyful spirit,
Hope is born again in the grim hour amidst shadows and of noble kindness is the merit,
The powerful lord is merciful beyond mortal measure, running mortal blood in his incorruptible body too, as he gave consent to give a mother shelter,
Within the radiant borders of his sunny domain, safe from the chains of captivity and from the malice of a foul monster.

A new child is born, yet not among the marble and mighty towers of his true people, Men of honour, yet doomed to death,
His lineage was cursed by power under many guises in the world, and the wiseman has divined ill fate to befall, when the tide takes its final course, raging the waves and the Tyrant's wrath,
You are to rise atop ruins and fell deeds, newborn splendour, unto the time of the ultimate clash, once your kindred ones acknowledge your might,
On splendid wings your message shall fly through the fiefdoms of your legacy, rekindling hearts that were used to bow to a hopeless night, and then a new dawn shall break the grey heavens, yonder, in the sorrowful reigns where many long for light.