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Autor Thema: Story time: Boromir seizes the Ring at Amon Hen  (Gelesen 4447 mal)


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Story time: Boromir seizes the Ring at Amon Hen
« am: 10. Jan 2018, 13:19 »
(I just needed to write. Also move as need be, I didn't know where to put it)

Prince Imrahil faces down Denethor as Boromir returns victorious from Osgiliath. "Vain men," he ponders "they could not see beyond their own desires". Under the influence of the Ring, Boromir called all the fiefs to march out against Mordor but Imrahil refused, judging the mission suicidal. When faced with the choices of blind obedience or death, he chose the latter, and must now face the wrath of Gondor's Last King

"Once allies, now enemies. Fighting on the very land we once defended, on which we spilled blood, sweat and tears"

"Prince Imharil, will they trully attack us?"
"I fear so my friend, tell the Swans to ready up. The Men of Gondor shall learn to fear the sound of hooves."

"Fool, if you had obeyed we would have restored this city and remade it in the likeness of Numenor. But now we will raze Dol Amroth and set aflame your ships."

"For Dol Amroth!"
"For Gondor!"

With Boromir dead, weakened by the Ring and slain by Imrahil, the forces of Gondor route to regroup.

Driven mad by Boromir's death at the hands of the ring's corruption, Denethor sends his remaining forces against the men of Dol Amroth.

Who will win? The Men of Dol Amroth, led by a noble prince? Or the Men of Minas Tirith, spearheaded by a desperate father?
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Re: Story time: Boromir ceases the Ring at Amon Hen
« Antwort #1 am: 4. Okt 2021, 15:57 »

The forces of Gondor are weakened and at a loss, I believe Imrahil will win this.

Though I have to wonder what happened to poor Faramir...

This is almost like something out of Game of Thrones. Uncles killing nephews and brothers killing half-brothers...
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