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Autor Thema: [Submod] The Rise of Angmar: Remastered  (Gelesen 1480 mal)


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Re: [Submod] The Rise of Angmar: Remastered
« Antwort #15 am: 5. Mär 2018, 17:11 »
8. Fornost
Next stop, Graceland!
Several years have passed since the great plague has begun, much of Arnor is now desolate and the remain of this once mighty kingdom of Men have fallen back into their final stronghold, Fornost. With Carn Dum rebuilt and at the height of his power, Witch King now lays siege to the fortress, throwing everything at it and emptying all the lands of Angmar. The fall of Fornost would mean the end for the Kingdom of Arnor...

Why the heroes? Well I mean, it's the last level, why wouldn't we add every hero?

If all goes well, the next mission should be quite an unexpected one (no, I don't mean we're adding the Hobbit Campaign)
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Re: [Submod] The Rise of Angmar: Remastered
« Antwort #16 am: 5. Mär 2018, 17:27 »
Amazing im hyped to see more  ;)
Keep up the work and if i would have my pc i would say make me a Beta tester so i can help you out but well i do t  :(