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Autor Thema: Gandalf the White  (Gelesen 993 mal)


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Gandalf the White
« am: 22. Jul 2018, 00:54 »
Hi, I came with an idea for Gandalf. It might be similar to other users ideas, but might also be something fresh. I was thinking about giving Gandalf three different roles on battlefield, alike to what we have seen in the LOTR trilogy. We saw Gandalf as a leader, powerful wizard, counselor and master strategist, how about giving Gandalf three different sets of powers, each indicating Gandalf's role as:
1. Strategist/Leader
2. Healer/Bringer of Hope
3. Powerful wizard/Warrior

So, here we go:
First palantir- Gandalf as a Strategist/Leader
In this stance Gandalf only has a staff and cannot fight, but he gives powerful leading spells
1. Inspiration(passive) Gandalf gives nearby allies attack and armor boost +50%
2. "Send these foul beasts into the abyss"(active)  allies on large radius gets 50% to attack speed and all allied siege machines on the map get 30% attack speed and 30% to damage for 1 minute
3. "You will stand your ground"(active) allies on very large radius gets 75% to armor, are immune to knockback (passive) nearby allies are immune to fear
4. Additional "Mount/Dismount. In this stance Gandalf rides on Shadowfax 50% faster(passive)
Overally this Strategist stance makes Gandalf irreplaceble hero for defending fortress or siege. His powers gives allies great morale and bonuses. Gandalf as a strategist is standing behind legions and thanks to Shadowfax can travel very fast from one place to another

Second Palantir- Gandalf as healer/ Hopebringer
In this stance Gandalf has a staff and can fight on distance. From distance Gandalf is sending small blast of light that hurts two-three enemies(throwback to Gandalf hurting Mouth of Sauron at black Gate in the books)
1."Healing"(active) Gandalf heals nearby allies
2. "At dawn, look to the east"(active) Gandalf rises his staff and burts with light. Allies are immune to fear, enemy units are paralized with fear or are fleeing from battlefield
3. "Telepathy"(active) Gandalf is mind forcing with chosen enemy hero. Both Gandalf and enemy hero are immobilized. Allied units might fight with frozen enemy hero. This ability works for every hero(throwback to Gandalf mind-fighting with Sauron in Amon Hen) Ability lasts for 20 seconds and has a long range
4. "Light of Istari" as usual
Additional "Mount/Dismount"
Overally, Gandalf serves as a more active stance than a strategist, still he remains behind the ranks of his allies, but can fight on distance, heals allies, and deal damage to enemy heroes from afar.

Third Palantir- Wizard/Warrior
In this stance Gandalf is fully active on battlefield and stands with front ranks of allied legions. He fights with his sword and staff

1. "Magic blast" as usual
2. "Lighting sword" as usual
3.   "Death is just another path..."(active) Allied units are immune for enemy attacks for 20 seconds
4. "Toggle weapon" Gandalf uses only Glamdring. Passive - He's attacks are 50% faster and deals 50% more damage. Additionaly he strikes two enemies at once. With Glamdring, he cannot use "magic blast" and "WOP"
5. "Word of Power" as usual
Additional "Mount/Dismount"

So that would be all XD it's just a suggestion from another fan of this wonderful mod, if there's anything that looks interesting for you and might be put in the game, then I would be sooooooo happy to know, that somehow I could contribute to Edain Mod society. Greetings!!!

And last one tiny thing. sorry for any mistakes, not a native speaker  [ugly]


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Re: Gandalf the White
« Antwort #1 am: 23. Jul 2018, 21:19 »
Hello! Thank you for having made your own proposal public :)

Well, where to start, Gandalf is certainly one of the toughest heroes to discuss. I can tell you that he's been at the centre of many debates since the early days of this community and nearly any of them has somehow sunk before flourishing in a worthy concept.
The issue is always the same and can fairly be summarised in short: Gandalf is the iconic hero by definition, tracing back to BFME1, and the Edain Team does not wish to alter his unique (if not legendary) design in any disruptive way.

This is the core limitation we've always been bound to discuss within. It means that every proposal aiming to add abilities or change his main role is not to be accepted; bear in the mind that heroes themselves specialise in very defined roles and it's so even harder to think that their fixed characterisation could be different from what they're meant to do in the game. Speaking of Gandalf, it's absolutely right that he also embodies a great leader in the lore, but, in accordance with his nature in Edain, he will never be given healing capabilities or leadership bonuses. That would be far too much, alongside his current destructive set of powers. Thus, his role is that of a mass-slayer and this only.
Your suggestions are really imaginative. However, I fear they would make him a totally different hero. Gandalf is Gandalf. Each spell of his speaks for itself and already proves to the world how much he strives and cares for the salvation of Middle-earth. That is his true leadership: the might of his own fantastic magic, at the service of good.

Said that, don't lose hope! This does not automatically imply that our wizard will never be able to be perfected in reasonable terms. Some time ago, we've in fact struggled a lot to come up with a decent proposal and we finally did it, indeed. It's not something as big as a total overhaul, of course, even though it does expand the character a bit and also resolve a quite haunting of a lore paradox. I will link the concept below.