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Autor Thema: Why We've Been So Quiet  (Gelesen 786 mal)

Lord of Mordor

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Why We've Been So Quiet
« am: 3. Apr 2019, 00:59 »
Greetings, companions of Edain!

Many of you have been wondering why we haven't posted any new updates in recent months. Today, we wanted to give you an explanation. The truth is: Last christmas, we thought we'd have version 4.5 released by now. But then, we ran into two utterly gamebreaking bugs. One made the game crash whenever you opened the Custom Heroes menu, the other made it impossible to load saved games.

These are issues that have plagued Edain before in the past. However, what fixed them then did not work this time. It is not 100% clear what actually causes them apart from the fact that it's somehow connected to Edain growing larger and more complex than the base game.

This meant two things: We could not release the version with these issues. We feel that after all this time, delivering a version with such glaring flaws would not be what you deserve. However, we also couldn't keep working on finishing the remaining content while we try to fix the bugs because there was always the possibility that we can't find the exact cause and have to completely revert to a previous beta.

This is ultimately what we ended up doing. We now have eliminated both bugs, but it forced us to walk back some progress we had already completed. Right now, we are working on re-implementing these lost features and compiling what is left to do for the final version.

We realize this is frustrating to you, and believe us, it's even more frustrating for us. However, it is simply part of modding life: You are working with an engine you did not create and will never 100 percent understand, so something like this can always crop up.

What have we learned from this? One, we will test  for these bugs more frequently between changes so when they do crop up and we once again have to revert to a previous version, we can do it quicker and there's less content lost.

Two, we'll be altering our communication policy going forward. Until now, we've only posted updates when we have something big and final to show you. The advantage of this is that we never promise anything that won't be in the final version. The disadvantage, however, is that it can leave the community feeling lost when there's no update in a while. This can happen due to bugs that prevent new features from being finalized, but also more simply when we're all busy working on different new additions that all take a longer time to finish. Going forward, we'll therefore regularly post work-in-progress updates in the "Impressions From the Journey" over at the Modding Union. These will not always present new content and will not replace the larger updates, but they will give you a glimpse into what we're up to.

We hope this clears up any confusion about the current state of the mod and are looking forward to getting back to work!

Your Edain Team
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