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Autor Thema: The Angle  (Gelesen 1283 mal)


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The Angle
« am: 2. Dez 2019, 19:59 »

For quite some time I’ve been working on a map with the goal to make it an official map for Edain Mod. At first, it was an unespecific map themed around the confront of Arnor and Angmar. As I was noob quite unexperienced with mapping, Gnomi gave me some precious tips (concerning scripting, water texturing, other things), which were all applied to the map. Also, as I wished the possibility of the map being implemented in Edain, FG15 gave me some requisites for an Edain map (such as positioning settlements near trees, giving the map lots of details, other things), which I implemented too. As my work went forth, I’ve also had some players testing my map (such as MaxPower, Strider, many others) so they could give me gameplay feedback while I observed the matches to see if were there any bugs or other undesirable things. One day, after taking a look on the Middle-Earth map, I found an specific place that was very fitting for my map: The Angle, of which I will mention below. With the advice of Elendil, I decided to start a thread here on MU, as well as to share the map on Moddb, to start a discussion about the map and; if both the Edain and the community likes the map, it may be implemented officially!


References to The Angle I found:

"The Angle was the land between the Mitheithel (Hoarwell or possibly 'boundary river') and Bruinen (Loudwater). At the time of the War of the Ring the Angle was the home of the Dunedain of the North (Aragorn’s people). Although J.R.R. Tolkien does not explain why the Dunedain chose to live in that region, he often placed secretive peoples in woodlands that were bordered by two rivers."

"Being close to the Elves of Imladris would have ensured the Dunedain of the Angle had friends and resources to call upon; and the Angle itself seems to have been a land easily capable of supporting a population when it was not threatened by war. "

"The Angle was originally part of the realm of Arnor. In T.A. 861, in the division of Arnor, the Angle became part of the kingdom of Rhudaur."

"The Stoors, a branch of the race of Hobbits, crossed the Misty Mountains westward into Eriador during the middle years of the Third Age (...) Their most noted settlement, though, was on the more northerly tongue of land - the Angle, but they only remained there for some two hundred years before they moved on again (...)"

"(...) and the close association with Imladris seems to imply there were more Dúnedain in eastern Eriador than in the western Eriador. Add to that the fact that there were no mannish settlements outside of Bree any closer to the Shire than 300 miles, and one is hard put to suggest what men could possibly be living at that range, unless they were indeed Dúnedain dwelling in or beyond the Angle."

Here you can find the Angle (east of South Downs, south of Trollshaws, south-west of Rivendell):

The Map

This land lies between the Mitheithel and Bruinen rivers. During the War of the Ring, this place was home and hideout of Dunedains of the North.
This is a 1v2 map – the top army against the bottom armies.

Starting Points: Camps
Expansion Points: 2 Outposts and 16 Settlements
Lairs: Trolls and wargs

The map is divided in 4 portions, which are separated by the rivers and are communicated by bridges: 1 northern part (The Angle), 2 southern parts and 1 central part

The northern part is where the defender player starts, and it has 5 settlements and 1 outpost as expansion points. Most of the northern part is covered by trees and is almost entirely guarded by Dunedains or Rivendell elves. On the west, there are ruins with Rivendell architecture, On the east, there is a small village, with some locals. The landscape is full of textures, animals and other little details. There are 4 passages to reach the northern part, 2 lateral paths and 2 central paths. Each lateral path is protected by Dunedains, 1 lone tower and 1 trebuchet expansion. Each central path is protected by 1 strong gate, 2 flood expansions and 1 lone tower.

The south-eastern part is where one of the attackers starts, and it has 4 settlements as expansion points. There is also a warg lair in this part of the map. This part of the map can be reached by the enemy through a northern bridge (which communicates with The Angle) and through a central bridge (which communicates with the central part of the map). There is a southern bridge that communicates the attacking players starting map parts.

The south-western part is where the other attacker starts, and it has 4 settlements as expansion points. There is a warg lair in this part of the map as well. This part of the map can be reached by the enemy through a northern bridge (which communicates with The Angle) and through a central bridge (which communicates with the central part of the map).

The central part is where most of the confrontation takes part, and it has 3 settlements and 1 outpost as expansion points. There are 3 cave troll lairs guarding the central outpost. This area is communicated with all other 3 areas, and is where Gollum is spawned most of the times.


Hopefully the community will like this map as I liked making it; all players that tried it really enjoyed it's gameplay. I've tested it more than 100 times and played it a lot, and it still amuses me everytime. If this is the wish of the Edain Team and Community, The Angle will find it's official place on the Mod.

I'd like to thank everyone that supported me with suggestions and feedback!

Here is the link to download the map:

Please, try the map and support it here if you like it!

In Favour
matheusantos98 (Mod DB)
GDSG (GameRanger)



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Re: The Angle
« Antwort #1 am: 1. Mai 2020, 14:22 »
Your map is a rly good 2v1 Map. Good balance (the ecobalance is awesome). Rly enjoing the map in many MP Fights. Great work. I just see now that you have many other maps too. Thx for the work your maps are rly good.

If the section In Favour is for people who rly like your maps, you can put me in ^^
Schwanenritter for the win. #Imrahil

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Re: The Angle
« Antwort #2 am: 1. Mai 2020, 14:48 »
Thank you for your kind words and for your support, Firímar!

This map was the first one I made that I felt was good enough to be shared on Moddb (other prototypes preceded it when I was still learning mapping), and for this reason it took me SEVERAL testings and retexturing before I publish it (even after publishing it, I've already updated it a few times now). Even though balance is not a focus on 2v1 maps, I've made some extended analysis on this map, including some economic calculations, to at least make eco as balanced as I could, so good to know that you felt this implementation great ingame! I will put your name as a supporter of my maps!

Again, thank you for the support; I will keep updating my existing maps whenever necessary and have a planned map to be released as well  :)