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Autor Thema: Edain Ranked: Links, Instructions and Rules  (Gelesen 2794 mal)


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Edain Ranked: Links, Instructions and Rules
« am: 16. Feb 2020, 21:57 »
Edain Ranked Beta is Released! [uglybunti]

Hi everyone! As some of you already know, I have been working on a ranking web application for Edain, which allows us to submit replays and get a ELO-based score. Today, I am happy to release the first (beta) version of Edain Ranked!

You can find it here: http://edainranked.com/

Beta means:
-Expect some bugs!
-Some browsers might not be compatible yet. The website has been built and tested in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Edge probably doesn't work.
-The website might be a bit slow sometimes, specially the first time you use it.
-The statistics are still in development. However, if somebody wants some concrete statistic information, contact me with your questions.
-I am looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. This is a project for you Edain Players and your contributions, ideas and criticism are welcome :D


-Register in the website with a valid email address. The email is used purely to validate users and recover password if needed.

-The webpage is totally public, except the Replay Upload part: only registered users can be ranked and upload replays. Your submited games and replay data are therefore accessible to anyone over the internet.

-Once you register, you will be placed in the ranking with 1000 ELO points. To increase/decrease the ranks, submit replays!

-Replays are submitted in the "Upload Replay" section. You will need to be logged in, and you have to fill all the fields correctly. Most of them are autofilled or selectable so it is really quick. Pay special attention to the player's names, select them from the suggested menu: if it is spelled wrong, the replay won't be saved. The game description is optional but recommended.

-The current ranking is displayed in the "Ranking" page.

-A complete list of the replays, including their download links, is available in "Replay Database".

Edain Ranked Beta Rules

1. Game rules: Games will be played in selected maps from the map pool, and according to the following rules: 1k start, no ring heros or custom heros, no Arnor faction, no handicaps. Both random and picking faction are allowed. Everything else is also allowed ingame, except easter eggs (which are practically inexistent in our map pool, with some wildman exception :D ).

2. Both players have to agree before the game that they will play ranked. To show that, put a "Clan tag" (for example: {ER}MaxPower) in the username. Once they agree, they have to play and accept the result, there is no way to change mind after the game.

3. All players involved need to be registered when submitting the replay, players without registration cannot participate in the rankings nor the ranked games.

4. Each player starts with 1000 ELO points, which will increase and decrease according to their victories or loses. The amount of points won/lost depends on the rating of both players. To update rankings, replays have to be submitted in the website. Each replay has some data to be filled by the uploader: all information has to be correctly submitted, if not: small punishment. The replay can be uploaded by any player, but it is recommended that the uploader is the winner of the game. In any case, the uploader is responsible for submitting accurate data to the system.

5. Each player can only have 1 account. Please use your known username.

6. Submitting fake replays or cheating in some way (replays where not both players wanted to play ranked, etc) will be punished.

7. To avoid microcosmos in the ranking (for example, 2-3 friends that only play between themselves and therefore are not ranked according to the general community, resulting in inaccurate scores),  there will be a maximum of 5 simultaneous replays between the same 2 players allowed. After that, they cannot keep being ranked by playing each other and have to look for other partners. If even then we observe creation of microsmos, we will make this rules more strict.

8. For the moment, inactive players will retain their points. This will likely change in the near future, and also according to your feedback :)

9. All rules are subject to changes.

10. Replays will never be deleted unless there was a bug or the information posted was incorrect. Replay data will be used to generate much needed statistics that need as many replays as possible.

11. IF a game ends in out of sync, or because wildman invasion starts on FoI2, or by other unpredictable circumstances, the game won't be uploaded, unless both players agree on a clear winner.
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Re: Edain Ranked: Links, Instructions and Rules
« Antwort #1 am: 24. Feb 2020, 00:48 »
Heyo Max, congrats on the first version of your website! The design is beautiful, and I'm a big fan of the project. I'm especially excited to see what you can do with the statistics section.

For now, I'd like to make a few suggestions. Some of them may be tasks for the not so near future, but I wanted to put them out there anyway:
  • Sorting the replay list by most recent to least recent (so the newest replays are always on top) would be much better imo. As the list grows, you'll have to scroll through a list of games that are up there for a while already when you're looking the freshest games.
  • Implementing the rule section on your website would be pretty neat. There's nothing wrong with linking to the MU, but it might confuse new players who are unfamiliar with both sites and suddenly get forwarded to an entirely different website.
  • The formatting on the right side of the screen is a bit off, maybe increase the space for the text a bit (mostly the link to the rules)?
  • Individual profiles of some kind would be really sick. When the stats section is up and running, this could have all the replays of a player and/or include his win rates with the different factions and so on. Maybe you could even incorporate some cool badges or achievements, like having a high rating or playing a certain amount of games or unique badges for tournament wins and so on. The Elite Mod for DoW II has a rather detailed ladder system, and while you're of course much more limited due to the replay system of BfME, you could draw some inspiration from there - here is a player profile as an example.

Good job coming up with this, keep up the good work!


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Re: Edain Ranked: Links, Instructions and Rules
« Antwort #2 am: 20. Jul 2020, 20:34 »
The page itself is really well designed and because of the buttons and hover animations it really gives you the feeling of being in the game menu. The statistics are interesting to see and I also like the faction symbols very well. Also nice that the misty mountains are already integrated if of course not yet available. You can see that you put a lot of effort into it. :)

What I don't like at the moment is the fact that it is possible to play 5 times against the same player before you have to change your opponent. Unfortunately, microcosm is promoted rather than prevented. I can play 11 games and 10 of them are against the same opponent. Take a look at the current games of Jojo, smeagollum and Elendil: Jojo has played 90 games and smeagollum and Elendil 53. The rest of the players have not uploaded or uploaded a maximum of 35 games, which alone shows that you have to change something there. I would prefer the Edain Group system or at least go in that direction. I would say you have to play against 5 other players before you can play against the same player again. This would also show the actual placement or the correct "strength" of the player much more accurately. :)

It would also be nice if the replays of the different Edain versions all came on their own list, because otherwise you would have to scroll very long. There are already a lot of people from Jojo and Elendil. If a lot of people play regularly, it will be more difficult. 8-|

I would be happy if I can help you with this review, because I would not really mind if Edain Ranked everyone would use it. ;)
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