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Autor Thema: Forest River  (Gelesen 676 mal)


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Forest River
« am: 7. Feb 2020, 02:03 »

This is mostly a regular 1v1 map (but with some special features) that tries to represent the forest of Mirkwood based on The Hobbit movies, showing the decaying of the beautiful forest because of Dol Guldur's influence, now infested by spiders; if both the Edain Team and the community likes the map, it may be implemented officially!


"The Forest River was a great river that flowed through northern Mirkwood and through the mountains of Thranduil's underground realm."

The Map

"The Forest River was a great river that flowed through northern Mirkwood and through the mountains of Thranduil's underground realm.

Starting Points: Camps
Expansion Points: 10 Settlements and 2 Outposts
Lairs: Spiders"


This map is more similar to a standard skirmish map, but with a few unique features, which will be described below.

Mostly, the map tries to representate the confrontation between Mirkwood elves and Dol Guldur forces. Each player starts in each side of the river - if a player starts with a good faction, he won't receive any starting units, but he will have strong allied Mirkwood elven units protecting the woods; if a player starts with an evil faction, he will start with more troops (from Dol Guldur), but will have to deal with the elven forces in the woods.

Also, there are 2 broodmothers in each side of the river. For each broodmother killed in a player's territory, accordingly reinforcements will arrive (Dol Guldur troops for evil factions, Mirkwood Elves for good factions). Everything else in the map is pretty standard; there are 2 large paths to reach the other side of the river.

Here are some pictures of the map:


As there isn't complex scripting in this map or other special features, the maps works just fine both against the AI or against other players. Also, the scenario of the map seems very satisfying to me, as it brings the beauty of Mirkwood shown in The Hobbit movies while also representing it's decay. Lastly, having control of Dol Guldur or Mirkwood forces is always satisfying in Edain.


Hopefully the community will like this map as I liked making it; I've made several tests on it, including online matches, and it still amuses me everytime I play. If this is the wish of the Edain Team and Community, Forest River will find it's official place on the Mod.

I'd like to thank everyone that supported me with suggestions and feedback!

Here is the link to download

Please, try the map and support it here if you like it!

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matheusantos98 (Mod DB)
GDSG (GameRanger)