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Autor Thema: A Wizard's Game  (Gelesen 667 mal)


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A Wizard's Game
« am: 14. Mär 2020, 10:54 »

This map is my biggest work so far, an unique 1v1v1 Multiplayer-exclusive Mission Map in which players may take control of Radagast, Alatar or Pallando and explore multiple islands representing different regions and factions of all Middle-Earth to find all sorts of rewards in order to be able to defeat adversary wizards or destroy adversary statues. I'd like to thank FG15 for supporting me with this map, suggesting a few modification and above all making some precious work on coding which I couldn't do myself to enhance this map's gameplay experience.

The Map

"Play the map as Radagast, Alatar or Pallando. Explore the islands to defeat the adversary wizards! Works only for multiplayer matches. Ring-heroes allowed.

Top: Radagast
Left: Alatar
Right: Pallando"


This map consists of a big central island, in which all players will start, and a total of 42 other islands to explore.

1- Starting units: the ones depending on the faction you get, your wizard, 2 transport ships, 1 battle ship and an Arnor statue (with allied troops defending it)
2- Objective: to defeat a player, you must either destroy his statue OR defeat his wizard.
3- How to proceed: the statue passively give some income, but to effectively win the game you must explore the islands to get all sorts of different rewards, including treasure chests, levelups, conquering allied troops and buildings, building on expansion points and many others. The start point in the bigger island has an outpost expansion point for you to build up your defence to protect the statue as well as to build up your army.
4- Gameplay: players will find that many things will require their attention on this map, for in a way they can't just turtle in the starting base to protect his statue and wizard, as it will mean reduced island exploration and therefore reduced development, and players can't also carelessly explore too much with his troops and wizard, for adversary players may attack his base at any time or his wizard may get in trouble when sailing to very dangerous islands.

Of course there are way too many features to be discussed concerning this map to be explained here, for this reason Tom Bombadil is the map instructor and will explain with more details the game rules and mechanics at the start of the game, ha-HA!

Call some friends and have fun playing it!


Hopefully the community will like this map as I liked it; I've made several tests on it and it still amuses me everytime I play. If this is the wish of the Edain Team and Community, A Wizard's Game will find it's official place on the Mod. Again, credits also go to FG15 for being so attentive and willing to give me important coding support!

Here is the link to download

Please, try the map and support it here if you like it!

In Favour
matheusantos98 (Mod DB)
GDSG (GameRanger)



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Re: A Wizard's Game
« Antwort #1 am: 15. Mär 2020, 08:46 »
It is very interesting map, obviously so many worked on. Outnumbered islands with various surprizes, i really enjoyed while playing. The truth is that there is a lot of possibilities about adventures of Blue Wizards. The one thing is that when the ring mechanic is on, the Fellowship could not join the transport ship. But this is probably a known bug, it will be fixed most likely. Therefore i am for it. 


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Re: A Wizard's Game
« Antwort #2 am: 15. Mär 2020, 13:01 »
Thanks for this positive feedback! I actualy did not expect the Fellowship not being able to sail on the ship; anyway, I took note of your report to see if I can fix it in a future version. Thanks for the support!