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Autor Thema: Upper Fords of Isen  (Gelesen 692 mal)


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Upper Fords of Isen
« am: 24. Mär 2020, 21:27 »

This map is an 1v1 Singleplayer-exclusive Mission Map similar to a Horde map (but easier and less complex) in which players may take control of Gandalf the White with the aim to defend Rohan against Isengard's forces. I'd like to thank SilverBane for allowing me to use his "Upper Anduin" map's overall skin as a mold for this map! Therefore, credits for the map texturing goes to him!

The Map

"Isengard's forces are trying to advance south-east with a huge dunlending army. Rohan's defences must hold until reinforcements arrive!

Top-left: AI - must be Isengard
Bottom-right: Player - must be Rohan"


This map's overall skin is similar to a standard skirmish map; however, many scripts are implemented to make it more fun and challenging.

As said above, this map is similar to a horde map, in which you must survive until the timer reaches zero (when a huge Rohan army will arrive) - if you manage to do it, you are awarded with a victory.

However, as the time goes, the game gets harder, dunlending, wargs and berserkers arrive in bigger quantities, and you must be ready to what is to come; the only initial help that you get is a larger amount of starting resources and Gandalf the White - but if Gandalf is killed, you are defeated!

Another thing is that the AI is partially scripted, but also partially functions normally, so, for example, choosing the AI level (easy, medium, hard and brutal) will change gameplay; also, all citadel heroes are available, all Spellbook Powers are purchasable during a match, and so on.

Having said that, it makes up for a really fun and challenging game, but that can be beaten by moderately experienced players!

Accept this challenge and have fun playing it!


Hopefully the community will like this map as I liked it! If this is the wish of the Edain Team and Community, Upper Fords of Isen will find it's official place on the Mod. Again, credits also go to SilverBane for this beautiful map skin and for allowing me to use it!

Here is the link to download

Please, try the map and support it here if you like it!

In Favour
matheusantos98 (Mod DB)
GDSG (GameRanger)



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Re: Upper Fords of Isen
« Antwort #1 am: 25. Mär 2020, 00:18 »
I tested it out, skirmish, 4k resources (I startet with 6000 then), abled ring heroes and brutal Isengart AI.  After 17 minutes I had his fortress nearly down by the combined forces of rams, ents and peasants, but I didnt keep attention to my Gandalf and so I lost.  [uglybunti]
Most of the time I was doing nothing but gathering resources and building up troops, enemy forces were rarely seen, one or two times the bomb berserk killed his (skripted) allied units around him when trying to kill one of my units. I'm not sure if the AI was the problem or your if your scripts didn't all work out (some troops were spawned after a while, I got Galathrim and later Isen got some from time to time Elite wild man, 3 rams, the bomb berserk and shield uruks). But after all it was way to easy and I definitely didn't felt besieged, it was the other way round.


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Re: Upper Fords of Isen
« Antwort #2 am: 25. Mär 2020, 01:16 »
Thank you for the feedback! I'll try to go through each of the points you brought up.

1- Even though choosing brutal AI is more challenging, in much of the fight the AI gets command point capped and what is left for it to control is mostly the scripted units, so increasing AI's level won't make the game more challening to a big extent, exception maybe being use of Powers, heroes, upgrades, such things. However, starting with 6k (4k start) instead of the standard 3k (1k start) is a huge advantage, for it allows acquiring great upgrades early on, so it should be noted.

2- In a way, it is not meant to be exactly an horde map like the Edain ones, which are much harder and challenging. You just have to survive the shown time - so yeah, you can charge the enemies, don't need to necessarily feel besieged; I did not manage to rush the enemy base when I tried against the AI with 1k start, but in some moments I advanced my troops near the middle of the map, sometimes I had to retreat, and so on. Also, keeping Gandalf alive is also an objective - but I know that you would manage to do it in a second attempt, of course  :D

3- I'm not sure what you mean about enemy forces being rarely seen. Perphaps you were expecting something more challenging, more similar to Edain horde maps, and you felt like something was lacking - but I've got no problems on scripts in all the tests I made together with friends. There aren't those huge armies indeed (I could of course spawn more and stronger units, but I did not mean to), but surely there are a lot of foes to defeat, I'm pretty sure the spellbook points can tell that  :D

Just out of curiosity, my 2 friends (average players) tried the map, none could win it at first - one was actually doing well, but also lost Gandalf and lost the game; the second actually struggled pretty hard towards the last 10 minutes and was overrun. I did not have a really big challenge, but I did not find it very easy either and I was the one to actually create the map :D we all went with the 1k start.

You, on the other hand, are a very experienced player, so even though your feedback is really important, I'll wait a bit longer to see feedback from other people - I'm sure many will struggle in the first time just like my friend did. I actually wanted this map to feel easier even for beginners to have a chance to win it and have fun, like by putting 4k start against easy AI with ring-heroes allowed; other players may find it better to play with 500 start against brutal without ring-heroes. If most feedbacks, however, are similar to yours, I can easily make the map much harder! Just spam some cool stuff  :D

Also, the yolo berserkers are intended  :D  I found pretty fun having lots of the on the field. Lastly, I could make Isengard base's defence better, but I think it is fine now; I also feel like the Ents spell is OP and will be changed in the future  :D  so I won't mind about it

Again, thanks for testing it and feedbacking me!

EDIT: map updated - dunlending camp's reinforcements were buffed, friendly reinforcements were nerfed, spellbook powers now can't be used close to Isengard's base.