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Ered Lithui
« am: 7. Apr 2020, 00:46 »

This is mostly a standard/regular 1v1 multiplayer/skirmish Castle map that tries to represent the region of the Ash Mountains, also known as Ered Lithui.


"The Ered Lithui, or the Ash Mountains, were a mountain range on the northern border of Mordor which separated it from Rhovanion. They ran about 500 miles from east to west. One south-western ridge divided the Plateau of Gorgoroth from Lithlad. A shorter southern spur within Gorgoroth ended at Barad-dûr. The west end of the Ash Mountains met the Mountains of Shadow. Between the Mountains of Shadow and the Ash Mountains was Udûn."

The Map

"This mountain range is located in the northern border of Mordor which separates it from Rhovanion.

Starting Points: Castles
Expansion Points: 2 Outposts and 14 Settlements
Lairs: Orcs, Dragons and Troll"


This map is much more similar to a standard skirmish/multiplayer map and I've done my best to make it balanced in both sides.

This map is pretty big overall, with lots of settlements and lairs to make up for more dynamic matches. There is also 1 Outpost relatively close to each base, but that is not placed in a spot between the players. There are 3 large paths that communicates the north and the south of the map, and this paths are intercommunicated by narrow passages to allow a better mobility throughout the map.

Concerning textures and environment, I tried depicting the Mordor's textures, full of ashes, dead trees, its inhospitable characteristic, as well as it's "culture" overall. I prefered using grey texture tones instead of black tones to prevent the map from being too dark when some abilities/spells are cast (such as darkness). Below is a picture that summarises the elements stated above:


As there isn't complex scripting in this map or other special features, the maps works just fine both against the AI or against other players. Also, as it is a quite big castle map, fighting the AI can be quite challenging.


Hopefully the community will like this map as I liked it; I've made several tests on it and it still amuses me everytime I play. If this is the wish of the Edain Team and Community, Ered Lithui will find it's official place on the Mod.

Here is the link to download

Please, try the map and support it here if you like it!

In Favour
matheusantos98 (Mod DB)
GDSG (GameRanger)