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Autor Thema: Helms Deep Map  (Gelesen 328 mal)


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Helms Deep Map
« am: 24. Apr 2020, 12:54 »
Here are two recommendations: in Helms deep map, Gandalf the white should be a summonable spell, and the elven alliance shouldnt be on a timer, they DIED fighting in helms deep, they should be a permanent summon, (im talking single player all the time, against the Isengard AI) and the other thing, please, try to find a way to fix the enemy units going through the gates... I know its hard coded and its EA fault not yours ET, but, there has to be some way... on a second tough, making the elven alliance permanent summon is too OP, is there a way to be able to recruit Haldir and elven archers from the fortress? ONLY in Helms Deep map? and change that 6 point spell for Gandalf the white with the Rohirrim in the palantir?