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Autor Thema: Harad (official map)  (Gelesen 368 mal)


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Harad (official map)
« am: 29. Apr 2020, 17:42 »
I'd like to suggest a few things for the existing Harad map, specially the Haradrim creeps which were briefly discussed on Discord:

1- Creep units from the Haradrim camps are VERY strong, including lots upgraded swordsman, archers, pikemen, hero and towers. Because of it, it is not viable to conquer the camps on a real skirmish game;
2- Creep units doesn't seem to be scripted to "Guard" current location as they should (protecting their territory), so a player may bait them to anywhere on the map, and a player that tries to flee from the camp which he got inside inadvertently will take the very strong units to his own base, potentially meaning gg in the early game (as I've seen happening recently);
3- The special feature of conquering a Haradrim camp is nice, but I think it may be improved - only the spearthrowers can be recruited now (and I don't think they are balanced for Edain 4.x - they seem weak and expensive), the haradrim lancers and archers are not available even though their picture is shown. Perphaps Haradrim Archers and Lancers could be unlocked when a TEAM conquers at least 2 Haradrim camps (at the moment, there are 5 on the map, but only 4 have heroes and are conquerable).


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Re: Harad (official map)
« Antwort #1 am: 1. Mai 2020, 13:45 »
1. I think its interesting that these creeps are so much stronger than normal ones since the loan for killing their leader is so much stronger than killig a usual creep. Although I can agree with you that they are really strong and the last time I played the best way of conquering a camp without giving a hughe amount of damage to its troops and buildings was to kill their leader with a catapult, which shouldn't be the case. So yeah, I would agree on changing that a bit up, first thing would be to change them up, they could get their own huts like wild men on Fords of Isen got their huts. About three of them could be in one camp with a Haradrim leader with some guardians in their middle. Destroying these buildings would then also benefit the player in form of money, letting it stay would benefit him because he could produce Haradrim.
2. Agree
3. Sound a bit difficult and wouldn't be that cool in a free for all. Especially since you can't change loyalties right now if your enemy has already killed one leader.
A flag to capture, appearing when the enemy leader got killed, could of course change that.