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Autor Thema: High Pass (official map)  (Gelesen 305 mal)


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High Pass (official map)
« am: 29. Apr 2020, 20:13 »
I'd like to make a small suggestion concerning creeps on this map:

1- There are 3 strong goblin archers on a mountain in the middle of the map which don't really add up to the map, I feel, other than being potentially annoying to the player that tries to build on the close settlement;
2- The goblin base on the north-west of the map has some problems, like having bugged units that have the palantir picture of Bolg, being a VERY strong base (with powerful units and many powerful towers) and having an invisible structure that once destroyed gives 2500. This amount of resources is just not worth it now, because destroying all this base is not viable in a real skirmish match, so to keep the reward I would considerably nerf all defences, as well as possibly change the buggy units, solve the problem of the invisible structure and maybe add some textures on this base to make it feel more realistic; to make it even more interesting for skirmish or multiplayer matches, I would further nerf the base's defences and reduce it's reward (like to 1500), so each will be interested on fighting for this reward in every game scenario and time, not only the winning team will be able to take a break on attacking the adversary player to gather some additional reward.