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Autor Thema: Edain Ranked Update  (Gelesen 1610 mal)


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Edain Ranked Update
« am: 30. Jun 2020, 23:48 »
Hi Everyone!! After my failed attempt to publish a similar post, here is my second try, hopefully now in the correct section  [uglybunti]

I am planning a new update on Edain Ranked, now that 4.5.3 is out, and hopefully more players will be active. The content on the update will include new pages for rules, tournament classifications, and links to the community (discord servers, wiki, and youtube channels-Shout Out to youtubers, you can PM me to include your channels, I will try to include all but I might forget-, etc).

The main concept around the update will be introducing seasons or leagues, so the ranking is not just a single, long time event, because we have seen that players become inactive, penalization for inactivity didn't really work either, and generally the rankings are not so representative as we would like with some exceptions *cough* *cough* JoJo *cough* *cough*.

The proposals have been diverse, from complex League/tournament-like systems where we enroll and have to play once vs each other, to simple season divison of the current ladder.

Given the small playerbase and being realistic about my ability to develop anything in a reasonable time, I would go for simple 3-4 month seasons, maybe resetting the rankings in between (or not). However, I am open to suggestions and I would know the feeling of the pvp competitive community before deciding anything. So please, share your ideas and help me make ER great again  :D
Hugs, kisses and love for everybody except the people that have ever beat me with Karsh or Zaphragor (basically 99% of the community),



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Re: Edain Ranked Update
« Antwort #1 am: 1. Jul 2020, 00:04 »
Amazing post  :)


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Re: Edain Ranked Update
« Antwort #2 am: 2. Jul 2020, 12:06 »
Hi MaxPower!
It's great that there will be an update for ER and I am looking forward to it ;)
Concerning the league/season idea:
I personally would love it when everyone (or just the best 16 or 32 players) would be forced to play against each other in something tournament-like from time to time. But ofc I understand that that would be much more work but maybe there will be volenteers to help organize something (I could help as well, even though I would have no idea what I would have to do  [uglybunti])
When there would just be seasons for a few month each without reseting the points afterwards, I don't think it would be much diffrent from now, and I fear that when the points would get reset people are not so motivated to play a lot, but idk  :D
Of course the data collected with the posted replays should be enough to bring people to play, though  :P

Greetings Smeargollum

PS. Are you planning to reset the points now before a lot of 4.5.3 replays are uploaded?
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"What if the real balance was the friends we made along the way?"


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Re: Edain Ranked Update
« Antwort #3 am: 3. Jul 2020, 19:07 »
Some thoughts concerning your post Max.
I really like the idea of implementig a league system, one way or another. To give a bit of an incentive for players to be active on edain ranked again I have two ideas. 1. at the end of each season the first 3 or 10 (or something else) players get some kind of an achievement on their edain ranked profile and maybe on discord. This ways you could restart the ladder after each season without making the players efforts be in vain. The second idea is pretty much what Smeargollum said. The first few players, maybe the first 8 or 16, qualify for a small tournament after each season.


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Re: Edain Ranked Update
« Antwort #4 am: 8. Jul 2020, 18:42 »
Hi! Thanks to everybody for their advice (here, on MU darkness, and on Discord too).

I have gathered quite a lot of info and ideas, which I am happy to say can come together in a series of updates and features, none of which have anything to do with Zaphragor, which actually made me so happy:

1. The actual ladder will be divided in seasons, each lasting approximately 3 months. At the end of each season, we will try to organize some event (such as a 1v1 tournament, a small league as Fabian suggested, team game tournament...). The results of the ladder at the end of the season could be used to seed/select players if needed, organize balanced teams, etc.

2. At the end of the season, the ladder will suffer a soft reset, similar to the one happening in League of Legends, following this formula:

((Current ELO - 1000) / 2) + 1000 = Soft Reset ELO

((950 - 1000) / 2) + 1000 = 975
((1200 - 1000) / 2) + 1000 = 1100

I hope this allows some flexibility, encourage new/less active players, without punishing too much the best players. Using Zaphragor in any game could magically alter this formula, as his sorcery is too powerful (thks Elendil for removing him from citadel btw).

3. The results of each Season will get displayed in the page, and also the results of all past seasons and tournaments, as long as I get the info.

4. The replay parser by FG15 will be eventually added, it won't display all the statistics we need, but some of them at least. Furthermore, it is cool af. Even more so bcs you cannot see how many times Jojo makes me cry with Zaphragor, just how many times he makes me cry in general.

5. A system of rewards/badges/achievements is not possible to add in the near future, because it is difficult to implement and I lack the knowledge. However, I have plans to coordinate with the current Discord admins so we can add some roles as reward (being in the Season top 5, being in 1st place, etc). I will keep the idea for the future, in case I can implement it directly into the page some day :D

6. I will try to cooperate with content creators, promoting their youtube/twitch channels etc, providing replays for commentary, etc. We can all benefit from each other's work :D

7. If I get help, I would like to translate the page to german, since a big part of the community speaks it.

As this is a lot of stuff, and I like to work on modules and small improvements, all this new features won't come together, but in small releases prioritizing the essential ones, also depending on how much time I get to work on it, and how much times I see Zaphragor while trying to enjoy my free time.

First and more importantly, I hope to get the ladder soft-reseted this weekend, or next week at latest. Next, some facelift for the page, new sections as announced in points 3 and 6.

As always, I keep my ears open to suggestions and feedback, I hope this brings more fun and enjoyment for everybody except Zaphragor lovers, who are horrible human beings :D



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Re: Edain Ranked Update
« Antwort #5 am: 8. Jul 2020, 18:53 »
You should split it in 2 divisisions try hards and noobs. (too mutch trashing in the beta)
I will gladly stay in noob...

Good Idea and nice work :)

Yours kindly,


Seleukos I.

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Re: Edain Ranked Update
« Antwort #6 am: 9. Jul 2020, 16:05 »
That's great news!
I'm lookng forward to more activity on ER and all the changes you mentioned. I'm especially exited about the replay analysing tool by FG15, I think it has a lot of potential!

Concerning the translation of ER to german: I have no idea of coding whatsoever, but I do speak german :D
If I can be of any help without coding knowledge, let me know :)

Best regardes,