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Autor Thema: The Road to Edain 4.6: War of the Ring - Graphics Update Part II  (Gelesen 890 mal)

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Greetings, Companions of the Edain!

As you have already seen in the first part of our update, the map of Middle-earth has changed a bit. Not only have we added more fortresses and objects, no we have also completely changed the number of territories and regions as well as adjusting the assignment of territories to the individual regions.

While the revised version of the War of the Ring Mode of RJ comes with 109 territories in 10 regions, we have reduced the number in Edain to exactly 100 territories, but divided into 12 regions. Lindon has been separated from Eriador as its own region and Gondor has been split into two regions to avoid having too many territories in a single region.
Due to technical limitations, we cannot give each region a unique bonus, but we have taken care to distribute them sensibly and thematically.

We have created a separate seal for each region, which you can find in the new loading screens. In the following, we show you the division of the regions as well as a few examples of the new loading screens.

(S. Sun Lands)

The region in the north-east of the White Mountains is the main settlement area and the most important region of Gondor. It is home to the capital Minas Tirith as well as the ancient capital Osgiliath and stretches from Glanhír across the forests of Ithilien to the borders of Harondor.

Territories: 9                                Bonus: Building Discount Bonus           
  • Anórien
  • Cair Andros
  • Drúadan Forest
  • Minas Tirith (and Harlond)
  • Mouths of Entwash
  • Northern Ithilien
  • Osgiliath
  • Southern Ithilien
  • Central Ithilien (and Emyn Arnen)

(S. Land of the King)

Arnor is the ancient kingdom of Elendil. Nowadays the big cities like Fornost or Amon Sul lie in ruins. However, the smaller settlements like Bree or the entire Shire are still protected from the dangers of the wilderness by the Heirs of Dúnedain.

Territories: 11                               Bonus: Special Unit Bonus

  • Evendim Lake
  • Old Forest
  • Shire
  • Buckland
  • Cardolan
  • Evendim Hills
  • Fornost
  • Barrow Downs
  • North Downs
  • Weather Hills
  • Weathertop

Weathertop loading screen

(S. Lonely Mountain)

The domain of Durin's people under the leadership of King Dáin II. Ironfoot stretches from the Lonely Mountain to the Iron Hills. Once reclaimed by Thorin's Fellowship, the great dwarven kingdom flourishes in the Third Age, in no small part due to the close friendship with the Northmen of Dale and Esgaroth under the leadership of their King Brand.

Territories: 6                                Bonus: Real-time Battle Resources Bonus

  • Erebor & Dale
  • Carnen
  • Withered Heath
  • Esgaroth
  • Iron Hills
  • Eastern Wastes

(S. Lonely Lands)

The region of Eriador in the southwest of Middle-earth is characterised by deserted cities of men like the ruins of Tharbad. Yet despite being called the "Lonely Lands", the hillmen of Dunland, among others, who were driven from their former homeland of Calenardhon, are settled here. In the north, the region extends beyond the fords of the Bruinen to Rivendell and thus includes one of the last refuges of the Elves of Middle-earth.

Territories: 8                                Bonus: Real-time Battle Resources Bonus

  • Rivendell (and Fords of Bruinen)
  • Dunland
  • Enedwaith
  • Eregion
  • Minhiriath
  • Swanfleet
  • Tharbad
  • Troll Shaws

Rivendell loading screen

(S. Coast)

The southwestern part of Gondor from the feet of the Ered Nimrais to the coasts, is often just called Falas, "the coast", by the Gondorrim and essentially comprises the fiefdoms of Gondor. The region is particularly known for the great port cities of Dol Amroth, seat of Prince Imrahil, and Pelargir.

Territories: 9                                Bonus: Siege Unit Discount Bonus.

  • Andrast
  • Anfalas
  • Belfalas
  • Dol Amroth
  • Lamedon
  • Lebennin
  • Pelargir
  • Paths of the Dead
  • Tolfalas

(S. South)

Harad, often referred to simply as the South, refers to the little-known lands in the south of Middle-earth. The large region lies south of Gondor and Mordor, and in the Third Age includes the southern realms of the Haradrim, Khand and the former southernmost parts of Gondor known as Harondor.

Territories: 5                                Bonus: Real-time Battle Resources Bonus

  • Far Harad
  • Harondor
  • Khand
  • Near Harad
  • Umbar

Umbar loading screen

(S. Misty Mountains)

The Misty Mountains are the great mountain range between Eriador and Rhovanion and home to many evils. It encompasses the ancient kingdom of Angmar to the north, as well as ancient dwarven kingdoms such as Moria and Gundabad, now beset by raiding goblin hordes and trolls.

Territories: 10                               Bonus: Infantry Discount Bonus

  • Angmar
  • Caradhras
  • Carn Dûm
  • Ettenmoors
  • Forodwaith
  • Grey Mountains
  • Gundabad
  • High Pass
  • Moria
  • Rhudaur

(S. Land of Music)

Once a great Elven kingdom ruled by the last High Kings of the Noldor, the lightly forested strip of land between the Ered Luin and Belegaer is now best known for the Grey Havens, or, as the Elves call it, Mithlond, the home of Círdan and the last refuge for the Elves before their journey west. From here the Elven ships sail straight towards Vingilot, Eärendil's star.

Territories: 5                                Bonus: Real-time Battle Resources Bonus

  • Ered Luin
  • Forlindon
  • Grey Havens
  • Harlindon
  • Tower Hills

Grey Havens loading screen

(S. Black Land)

Mordor is a land to the east of Gondor, surrounded by three massive mountain ridges to the north, west and south, accessible only through the imposing Morannon and a hidden pass to the south. The desolate plains of Mordor were ruled by Sauron and were his base from which he attempted to conquer Middle-earth during the Third Age.

Territories: 6                                Bonus: Infantry Discount Bonus

  • Cirith Ungol
  • Lithlad
  • Minas Morgul
  • Nurn
  • Mount Doom
  • Black Gate

(S. Wilderland)

Rhovanion or Wilderland is the name of the lands east of the Misty Mountains and is formed mainly by the valleys of the great river Anduin and the vast forest of Mirkwood, though it is also home to the elven kingdom of Lothlórien and the Fangorn forest, home of the Tree Shepherds.

Territories: 14                               Bonus: Real-time Battle Builder Bonus

  • Brown Lands
  • Dol Guldur
  • Mirkwood
  • Emyn Muil (and Argonath)
  • Fangorn
  • Field of the Celebrant
  • Framsburg
  • Fords of Anduin (and Carrock)
  • Lothlórien (and Dimrill Dale)
  • Northern Mirkwood
  • East Bight
  • Gladden Fields
  • Thranduil's Halls
  • Dead Marshes

Dol Guldur loading screen

(S. East)

Rhûn, in Westron simply "East", refers to the area in the east of Rhovanion, which extends far beyond the Sea of Rhûn. The area is inhabited by Easterlings loyal to Sauron. Only the two blue wizards probably know how far the lands really extend into the east.

Territories: 5                                Bonus: Real-time Battle Resources Bonus

  • Dagorlad
  • Dorwinion
  • Orocarni
  • Rhûn
  • Valleys of Celduin

(S. Horse Country)

Rohan, or Riddermark as it is called by the Eorlingas themselves, is a kingdom of men on the northern border of Gondor. Formerly known as Calenardhon, it was part of the old kingdom of Gondor and was left to Eorl and his clan to establish their own kingdom.

Territories: 12                               Bonus: Hero Discount Bonus

  • Dunharrow
  • Edoras
  • Helm's Deep
  • Isengard
  • Eastemnet
  • Eastfold (and Halifirien)
  • East Rohan
  • Gap of Rohan (and Fords of Isen)
  • Eaves of Fangorn
  • Westemnet
  • Westfold (and West Rohan)
  • Wold

Helm's Deep loading screen

We hope you enjoyed this update and, as always, we look forward to your feedback! Part III of the update will follow soon.

Your Edain Team